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Local History web site pages

The Local History section of the site is where we hold such information and this is maintained and developed by a team of volunteers who update it. There will be pages giving  information about places and events with pictures and locations marked on a map. These will be listed according to the district in which they are or were located. The districts being:

 The exact boundaries of these have changed over time in particular Fairhaven which was named by the company building that area and extended into what many now regard as being St. Annes. So we are currently not defining precise boundary lines for the districts.

It is envisaged that we will also add maps and transcripts of useful information such as extracts from gazetteers and directories.

As information is added we hope to be able to add maps with multiple entities marked upon them like local churches. That map is not generated from our site but shows what can easily be achieved.


If you wish to help with providing this information please contact