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Inside the archives

Welcome to the Archive. You can email me at anytime with your questions. Now open until December 2022, 1pm till 4pm at the Old Library side door on Bannister Street

The Group’s archives, housed in their own room on the first floor of Lytham Institute, have a total of over 10,000 documents and items of local history and heritage events.

Additional items are sought from members of the public, either by gift or loan, for careful conservation for posterity and/or use in exhibitions.


Open Wednesday from 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm – other times by appointment.

Enter at the side via the entrance up the ramp on Bannister Street and go up the stairs to the Archive room on the first floor.

For further information either write to the Archivist at the Heritage Centre or send an email to:


or telephone (01253) 730775 at the Archive during opening times or call David Hoyle for an out of hours request on 07811140289

Archive contents

Look in the Archive catalogue to see what information we hold. The information is mainly printed on paper, so you will ned to come to the archive to read it as we haven't the effort available to be able to digitise it.

The catalogue is based upon information recorded over the years on an old laptop that is not easy to use. The new system has a lot more functionality and is available to browse online although work is still required to enhance the information stored within it. The archivists also need training on how to use it, so please be aware of that in the early days of using it.

Help required

  • We are looking for more information on any shops or businesses in Lytham for another exhibit at the Heritage Centre in October. If you can help in anyway with photos, history, shopping bags or receipts please get in touch at the email above.
  • Bernard Davis is looking for any photos, clippings adverts or anything to do with Lowther Gardens Pavilion. Please contact him on