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Lytham Heritage Centre

We hold exhibitions in the Heritage Centre, opening Tuesday to Sunday and on Bank Holidays from 10:00 am to 4:00pm throughout the year apart from the winter period, usually December/January. Heritage Group stewards are usually present for half day sessions, 10:00-13:00, 13:00-16:00 although sometimes they work a full day. Those who are present on a regular basis are provided with keys and also open or close up the Centre. If stewards are only on duty on an irregular basis we usually arrange for somebody else to open/close. For many of  our exhibitions the exhibitor is also present, or when it is a society they also have a rota of stewards who can answer any questions about the art work and help to sell their items.

Openers (may also act as Stewards)

The opener should arrive in good time to open the Centre by 10:00 hrs. This includes the following:

  • Entering by and then relocking the side door.

  • Switching on all lights on the ground floor on the main panel (not cellar or office)

  • Switching on the three screen lights at the plug sockets.

  • Opening the front doors.

  • Putting out the banner.

  • Raising the flag (weather permitting)

  • Waiting for the allocated steward (if not stewarding themself).


The closer should arrive in time close the centre by 16:00 hrs. This includes:

  • Bringing in the banner.

  • Bringing in the flag (if out).

  • Closing, locking and bolting the front doors.

  • Switching off all lights on the main panel.

  • Switching off the three screen lights at the plug socket.

  • Setting the alarm and leaving and locking the side door.


Please note that stewards act as the main liaison between the Group and visitors to the Centre. Their role is commonly the same throughout the year but when artists are present the artist is often the one who will greet the visitors. The steward’s tasks include:

  • Being punctual for their rota slot (10:00 - 13:00 hrs. or 13:00 - 16:00 hrs.).

  • Understanding the rota sheet and noting their allocated slots.

  • Greeting all visitors to the Centre and welcoming them to look around.

  • Engaging with visitors, suggesting they put comments in the Visitors’ Book and if they are local asking if they would be interested in joining the Group. Membership forms are available in the Centre to hand out as required.

  • Using the counter for each visitor and then entering the number onto the rota sheet. At the end of the shift restore counter to zero.

  • Assist visitors by answering questions about the exhibition, the Group and local area (if possible).

  • Taking money (cash or by card using our machine) for the cards, books and small items that are displayed for sale. Logging all sales in the Sales Book

  • Taking messages from visitors or telephone calls.

  • Not eating anything too pungent (e.g. onions, fish and chips).

  • Most of the time the stewards sit at the desk awaiting visitors. The number that may arrive depends on the weather and the time of year, if it is a cold or wet day then people tend to stay at home so we get less in, especially in the morning slots. When it is quiet you can frequently chat to the exhibitors providing they do not tasks to do. If we are having a heritage exhibition then you are likely to be the only one in so in these cases it is useful to have a book ready. We have no facility for making drinks so it is useful to bring your own as it is not always possible to go out and get one, especially during the heritage exhibitions.

If you like the idea of stewarding at the Heritage Centre then we can arrange a time when you can come in and sit with an existing steward and find out what goes on.


If you would like to help us, or want more information, then please contact our Heritage Centre Stewards co-ordinator via email to @email who will get back to you.