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Setting up exhibitions

(This does not cover all the aspects that are done by the Coordinator with regard to planning Coordinator's file.)

Background: Changeover weekends normally take place every 3-5 weeks and follow the usual pattern of:

  • Sunday from 4 – 4.45 pm, previous exhibitor removes all their Artwork & possessions,

  • Sunday from 4.45, the new exhibitor delivers their artwork etc.

  • Monday from 8.30 – 11 am, set up of new exhibition..

  • Tuesday Open Evening (optional) from 6.30 – 9.15 pm.

These days and timings can change to suit particular schedules or artists' needs.

The Set Up volunteers will mainly participate in the set up of the new exhibitions every 3 weeks or so, on Monday mornings, from 8.30 - 11.00am (approx) though this may change occasionally.

Set Up Role Summary

To contribute to the work required to change the exhibitions at the Heritage Centre on a regular basis, and generally liaise with the set up team / Exhibitions Coordinator as required.

Detailed Tasks

Monday from 8.30 am, these are the tasks that are done by the team:

  • Finish unwrapping all artwork if necessary.

  • Discuss with artist and all helpers how art will be grouped / where to hang what. Preferably this will be quite well planned by the artist, but they may want to take advice and try out ideas, plus ideas can change once the art is seen on the walls.

  • Try to ensure that significant pieces are in the right places, ie on the back wall, on the panel as you come in the door, on the wall above the leaflet table.

  • Help with the hanging, use the 2 easels, smaller wall spaces and windowsills if necessary. Box of cords and hooks, and most items eg for support, are in store cupboard or under small cabinet in Staircase Gallery. Tools, Velcro, etc are in drawers under the big glass cabinet.

  • Help with the set up in the cabinets. Lots of small clear plastic stands available and other aides.

  • Ask if print browser is wanted – 2 available, may be upstairs.

  • Once all artwork is settled in the right positions, check that all looks good, no cords are showing; make sure edges are straight etc.

  • Ask artist to put on labels. If necessary this can be done the next morning. Ensure prices are on labels (preferably) or available.

  • Put clean cloths on artist's table.

  • Replace the poster on the easel in the porch, with the new large poster. Ditto the large poster in the garden cabinet (large key in the steward's desk drawer). Change the small poster and artists’ CV on easels on top of the two glass cabinets.

  • Check the Centre looks clean and tidy – e.g. clear away any spare hanging cords; clean glass tops.


If you would like to help us setting up exhibitions then please contact our Exhibitions co-ordinator.