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The built in editor for editing html pages is called CKEditor. Whilst the format of web pages is html this editor means you do not have to know about html as you just have to treat it like text and the editor adds in the html to do the formatting. A set of icons appears in the box above the field (e.g. Body) and for example if you want to make some text italic you just select it and click the appropriate icon. Most of icons do not need further explanation.

  • Link - provides the ability to make some text into a link to another web page when you click it. A pop-up appears in the editor when you use it in which you place the url of the destination page. If the link is to another page within the LHG web site, omit the leaving just the rest starting with /
  • Source - Clicking this lets you see the html itself and allows experts to add their own html. However you need to be aware that we restrict the html elements allowed to provide a common look and feel to the appearance of the web pages.
  • Insert from Media library - lets you insert media such as images within the text of the web page. Click the mouse where you want it to be and then click the 'Insert from Media library' icon which takes you into a dialogue to do that. You can do an upload if it is a new image. The item then appears in the edit box. You will then need to specify the alignment and styling. Click the 'Edit media' box to do that. The Display option is where you specify the size and the one most frequently used is 'Medium' which is a thumbnail with Title and Date which links to a a page showing it as larger item with the Copyright and Notes as well.