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Heritage status

Heritage assets can have various designations assigned to them. Those that are are marked as such within our Local History section.

Listed buildings

There are a range of listing designations.

  • Grade I listed
  • Grade II* listed
  • Grade II listed

You can discover which local buildings have been listed by doing a map search.

Local Heritage Asset list

A lower level of designation are those assets noted in the Local Heritage Asset list. If assets have been listed using the designations above, they are not noted in the Local Heritage Asset list. You can find them using a map search. A useful option on this map is to click Map Layers and also select Listed Buildings.

Listed buildings seem to have a link giving details of reasons why it is listed. Click the appropriate triangle on the map get show some details and then 'view details' for the full information. We link to this for the listed buildings in our Local History section.

Those in the Lytham St. Annes area do not seem to have a description associated with Heritage Assets. Those listed do not get marked as being a Heritage Asset as these have a higher designation.