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Kelly 1913 - St. Annes - Private residents

Acomb Robert, 22 St. George's road
Adams Mrs. 21 Fairhaven road
Adamson John William, Tollcross, Headroomgate road
Ainsworth Edwin Jas. 117 South promenade
Airey Francis, 15 York road
Airey John, 17 Ashley road
Alexander Mrs, 13 Lightburne avenue
Alexander Mrs. 28 Riley avenue
Anderson Mrs, 136 St. Andrew's rd. south
Anderton James, 50 Clifton drive north
Anderton Mrs. 17 Lightburne avenue
Andrews Miss, 49 Lightburne avenue
Appleton Miss, 15 Lightburne avenue
Apthorpe Alfred, 29 Park road
Archibald Rey. John B.A. (curate of St. Anne's), Glenholme, St. Anne's rd. east
Arthur Mrs. 54 Cartmell road
Arthur William, 23 Orchard road
Ashworth Chas. Dunster lea, St. Anne’s road east
Ashworth John Hoyle, 125 St. Andrew's road south
Ashworth Samuel, The Bungalow, St. Andrew’s road south
Ashworth Walter, 158 St. Anne’s rd. east
Aspinwall Miss, 15 All Saints’ road
Astley James, 33 Riley avenue
Atkinson Laurence, 134 Clifton drive nth
Austin Mrs. 98 Clifton drive south
Bagot John, Fearnleigh, St.Anne’s rd.east
Bain Thomas, 57 st. Anne’s road east
Baker Wm, Moorcroft, Clifton drive south
Bambery Edward, 12 York road
Bamford Miss, 3 Lightburne avenne
Banister J. R. 19 Clifton drive south
Banks Mrs. 13 St, David's road north
Bannister Mrs. Banestre Holme, St. Anne’s road east
Barber Harry, 8 Richmond road
Barber Lewis, 3 York road
Barcroft Mrs, Cambridge villas, St.Anne’s road east
Barlow Alfred, 8 York road
Barlow Thomas, 64 Orchard road
Barnes John, Riversley, St. Anne's rd. ea
Barnes John, 12 Victoria road
Barrett James, 11 Kensington road
Bateson James, 25 Cartmell road
Baxter Thomas, Min-y-don, Bromley ro
Beckett C. J. 94 All Saints’ road
Beckett John James, 73 Orchard road
Bee Thomas, 23 Bromley road 4
Beecroft Thomas Edward, 10 Derbe roa
Beeston Ernest Edward, Broom lawn, Westby road
Bell Mrs. 9 Kensington road
Bentley George Edwin, 25 Oxford roa
Bentley Mrs. 19a, Glen Eldon road
Bentley Mrs. 4 Riley avenue
Berry Miss, 5 York road
Berry Mrs. 18 St. George's road
Bleheno Rey. George (Primitive Meth.), 40 St. Andrew's road south
Bilshorough Thomas, 48 Lightburne aven,
Bingham Albert Charles, 20 York road
Binns A. B. W. 13 York road
Birch Theodore Emile, Rossador house, Headroomgate road
Birtwistle Arthur Carrick house, St. Anne's rd. east
Blere Hy. Youlgreaves, St. Anne's rd. east
Beddington Robert Slater, Wynslade, North Promenade
Boddington Shenley, 6 Beach road
Bolton Thomas, 13 Riley avenue
Booth Frederick M.D. 4 Clifton drive sth
Booth Harold Walter, 59 St.Anne’s rd. ea
Booth Miss, Cambridge villas, St. Anne's road east
Booth Mrs. Morningside villas, St. Anne’s road east
Booth Mrs. 61 St. Andrew’s road sonth
Booth William Henry, 67 Park road
Bottomley Mrs. 36 All Saints’ road
Bottomley Rd.M. Rylston, St.Anne’s rd. ea
Bowden James, 19 Derbe road
Bowden Jas.Herbt. 107 St.Andrew’s rd. sth
Bowen Rev. Richard Heber (curate of St. Thomas’), 27 Derbe road
Boyd Samuel, 43 All Saints’ road
Boyling Rev. Percy J. (Wesleyan Methodist), 26 Church road
Boyle Robert, 29 St. Anne's road east
Braddock George Henry, Mentone, Clifton drive north
Bradley Thomas, Ambercross, Links gate
Brandon Albert, 23 Victoria road
Brewster John Wray, 111 St. Andrew's road south
Bridge Mrs. 11 Cartmell road
Briggs Mrs. 28 Victoria road
Brindle Joseph F., B.A. Oxford house, 85 Clifton drive south
Brindle Mrs. Stanley gate, Queen's road
Broadbent William, 89 Clifton drive south
Brooke Benjamin, 5 Queen's road
Brooks Mrs. 26 Victoria road
Brown John, 52 Wood street
Brown Mrs, 70 St. Andrew's road south
Brown Thomas, 24 Riley avenue
Brown William R. Allandale, St. Andrew’e road south
Bucke John, Westby road
Buckley Jas. Caerleon, St. Anne's rd. east
Buckley Marshall G. Winsleigh, Clifton drive north
Buckley Mrs, 5 Clifton drive north
Burslem James, 2 Glen Eldon road
Burton Mrs. Fair Lawn, St. Anne’s rd. ea
Bury Mrs. Braxfield, St. Anne's road west
Butcher Miss, Hatherlow Queen’s road
Butler Rev. Herbert Edward (vic: Anne's), The Vicarage
Butler Bernard, Carlton lea, St. Anne's road east
Butler James, 1 St. George's square
Butler Mrs. Strathcona, Bromley road
Butterworth Charies, Brentwood, St. Anne's road east
Butterworth Mrs. 59 Cartmell road
Butterworth Mrs. 24 Park road
Byers Mandale M.B. 24 Stanley villas, St. Anne's road east
Cain Mrs. 3 Caryl road
Cameron Moses Harry, 7 South promenade
Carter L. M. 2 York road
Carter Miss, 25 Bromley road
Cartmell Harry, 9 Victoria road
Cary Charles, Aingarth, York road
Cary William Edwin, 89 South Promenade
Catlow Bright, Glenlyn, Clifton drive sth
Catlow Saml. J.P. Colunio, Clifton dri, nth
Catter Edward H. 9 St. Thomas’ road
Catterall Ernest, Morningside villas, St. Anne's road east
Catterall Sidney, 14 Queen's road
Catterall William Henry, 23 Kensington ré
Chadwick John, 10 Balmoral road
Chattwood Mrs. 9 Cartmell road
Chenorhavor Stephen, 63 Orchard road
Clarke Thomas, 20 Glen Eldon road
Clayton Miss, 59 Orchard road
Clayton William, 9 Balmoral road
Cleaver Harold, Castlebury house, Headroomgate road
Clegg Arthur, 61 Park road
Clegs Mrs. 101 St. Andrew's road south
Clegg Mrs. 57 Cartmell road
Clegg William, 41 Lightburne avenue
Clementson Geo. Edwd. Belmont, North Promenade
Clothier James H. 100 Mayfield road
Cocker Stephen, 14 York road
Cockshot James, Spottiswoode, St. Anne's road east
Cockshot Nicholas, 23 Glen Eldon road
Coffey Henry, 3 Osborne road
Collinson Wm. Hy. 9 St. David's rd. nth
Constantine F. W. 5 Kensington road
Cook Mrs. 5 St. Leonard's road
Cooke Samuel, Brunlea, Clifton drive sth
Cooper Edwin, Avenham, St.Anne’s rd_ east
Cooper Harry, Haglinan, St.Anne's rd.east
Cooper Thomas Rose, 103 St, Andrew's road south
Cooper Walter, 48 Clifton drive north
Copland Montague Bigg, White hall, Clifton drive south
Corbitt Charles BE. 79 Park road
Cotterell Felix, 30 North promenade
Cotton Thomas, 15 Glen Eldon road
Cottrill John J.P. 58 All Saints’ road
Couborough Mrs. 15 Balmoral road
Cowie Rev. Peter B. Watson M.A. (Baptist), 33 Glen Eldon road
Crabtree Chas.Edwin, 42 North promenade
Craston Charles, 16 St. Anne’s road east
Craven Miss, Arley ho. North Promenade
Crick Mrs. Apdeherst, Wood street
Crighton Charles, 41 All Saints’ road
Critchley Chas. Fredk. 100 Clifton drive sth
Crompton Harold W. 2 Riley avenue
Crossley Herbt. Avondale, St.Anne’s rd. ea
Crossley John J. 14 Balmoral road
Crossley Mrs. 3 Glen Eldon road
Crossley Tom, 39 Glen Eldon road
Crow John, Wyndhurst, St. Anne’s rd.east
Crowther John, 29 Clifton drive north
Crummack Henry, 23 Park road
Dalton Silas A. 27 All Saints’ road
Daly Shelton, 113 St. Andrew's road south
Dane Thomas R. 18 Victoria road
Daniel Mrs. Moss leigh, St. Anne's rd. ea
Daniels Chas. Richd. 12 St. George's road
Darrah Joseph, 41 Derbe road
Davenport Frederick William, 7 Riley av
Davis Herbert, 128 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Dawson George Duncan M.D. 24 Clifton drive south
Dean Mrs. Molescroft, Queen’s road
Devonport Mrs. 90 Orchard road
Dickinson Mrs. 35 Glen Eldon road
Diggle Daniel, 7 St. Leonard’s road
Djeddah Nassim, 9 Clifton drive north
Dodd Mrs. 1 St. Leonard’s road
Dodd William, 27 St. David’s road north
Dronsfield Walter, 57 Clifton drive north
Duckers James, 29 Wood street
Duckworth Joshua, 11 Riley avenue
Duckworth Mrs. Heathfield, St. Anne's road east
Duckworth Thomas, 91 Clifton drive south
Duckworth Thos. Fearnslea, St.Anne's rd. ea
Duerr Alfred C. 54 Park road
Duerr Fredk, Eversley, St. Anne’s rd. ea
Dunkerley Gladstone, 6 Balmoral road
Dunkerley James, 1 Lightburne avenue
Duxbury Alexander, Ailsaroyde, Links gate
Duxbury Ezra James, 105 St. Andrew's road south
Duxbury John, 22 North promenade
Eaves Moore,The White cottage,Church rd
Edge Herbert, 58 Orchard road
Edge Mrs. 16 Balmoral road
Edmondson Miss, 35 Victoria road
Edwards Arthur E. Dunollie house, Headroomgate road
Ellerbeck Mrs. 139 St. Andrew’s road sth
Eliott Arthur Cambell M.B. Cranford, Clifton drive south
Ellis Charles W. 30 Orchard road
Ellison Rev. Oharles Herbert M.A. (vicar of St. Thomas’), Billinge, Fairhaven rd
Ellison Misses, 37 Wood street
Elstub Rev. Walter, Stonecliffe, North Promenade
Elsworth Arthur S. 23 Kensington road
Eltoft Jn. Sunnyside, St. Anne’s road east
Elton Mrs. 12 Lime grove
Elyguzel H. G. 78 Orchard road
Emery Richard A. 12 St. Anne’s rd. east
Emmerson John, 14 Glen Eldon roud
England Arnold, 39 All Saints’ road
Entwistle Abraham, Red cot. Queen's rd
Evans Miss, 43 Derbe road
Evans Miss, 9 York road
Fairhurst Mrs. 9 Ashley road
Ferguson Thomas, Lyneside, Ashley road
Fielding Joseph, White croft, Cartmell rd
Firth Fred, 70 Orchard road
Fisher Henry, 9 All Saints’ road
Fisher Mrs. Tranmore, Clifton drive south
Fitton Mrs. 13 All Saints’ road
Flanagan William Henry, 60 Orchard rd
Fleming Miss, 16 Riley avenue
Fletcher Mrs. 40 Clifton drive north
Fletcher Mrs. 24 St. David's road south
Foden Thos. Norcliffe ho. St.Anne’s rd.ea
Forbes James Travor, 27 Riley avenue
Ford Frank M. 6 Clifton drive south
Forrest Mrs, Altidor, St, Anne’s rd. east
Foster Joseph, 154 Clifton drive north
Foster Mrs. 102 Clifton drive south
Francis Mrs. The Poplars, Church road
Freemen George, 18 York road
Galloway James, 3 St. Leonard's road
Gardiner Miss, 6 York road
Garlick Miss, 45 Park road
Garnett Mrs. Coburg house, Derbe road
Gibb John, 23 St. Thomas’ road
Gibbs James, 82 Orchard road
Gibson Miss, 13 Glen Eldon road
Giles John Boond, 29 Lightburne avenue
Gill John Thomas, 12 Riley avenue
Gill Mrs. 13 Fairhaven road
Gillibrand Robert T. 28 North promenade
Gladish Miss, Westby road
Gooden Mrs. 18 Glen Eldon road
Goodwin Alfred, 61 Cartmell road
Gorrell John, Highmount, St. Thomas’ rd
Gorton Mrs. Evelyn vils. St. Anne’s rd. ea
Graham Mrs. 7 Ashley read
Grandrod William B. 7 St. Thomas’ road
Greaves Fredk. Wm, 17 Cliften drive sth
Greaves Mrs. 75 St. Andrew's road south
Greaves Mrs. 7 Clifton drive north
Green Arth. Seacote, Clifton drive north
Green Arthur H. 152 Clifton drive north
Green Mrs. 19 York road
Greenhalgh Caleb Ashworth J.P. Rosedale, Clifton drive south
Greenwood Cecil Watts, 7 Balmoral road
Greenwood Mrs. 4 Caryl road
Greenwood Mrs, Heath house, Bromley rd
Gregson Henry, 9 Riley avenue
Gregson Mrs. 7 Wood street
Griffin John, High croft, Queen’s road
Grime William, 11 Ashley road
Grimshaw Amos, 32 Clifton drive north
Grundy Wm, Cowley, Glen esk, Westby rd
Guichard Adolphus, La Bastide, St.Anne's road east
Guilar William J. 17 Kensington road
Guterbock Richard, 94 Riley avenue
Guthrie Mrs. 5 St. Thomas’ road
Hacking James, 11 York road
Hacking Miss, 10 st. George's road
Hall Adam,Springfleld, St.Anne’s rd. east
Hall George Henry, 71 Park road
Hall Miss, Ashley road
Hall Mrs. 11 All Saints’ road
Hall Mrs. Westby read
Hall Willam, 21 Glen Eldon road
Hall William James, 44 All Saints’ road
Hallam James, 69 St. Andrew's rd. north
Hallam John William, Retreat, Church rd
Halliwell Mrs. 108 Mayfield road
Halliwell Thomas H. 26 St.Anne’s rd. west
Hallworth Mrs,The Old vicarage,Church rd
Halstead B. 61 Lightburne avenue
Halstead John, 25 Kensington road
Hamer Jas.E. Alistre, 8t. Anne's rd. east
Hamilton John, 149 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Hampson James, 119 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Hampson Joseph Robert, Church croft, Headroomgate road
Hanson David, 22 Victoria road
Hanson Mrs, 11 Lightburne avenue
Hardie Mrs. 8 St. Anne’s road east
Hardman George, Dennison house, St. Anne’s road east
Hardman Walter George, 29 Derbe road
Hargreaves Mrs. 3 Balmoral road
Hargreaves Elijah, 47 Glen Eldon road
Hargreaves Mrs. 91 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Hargreaves Mrs. 3 Victoria road
Hargreaves Richard Hardman J.P. 40 St. Thomas’ road
Hargreaves Thomas, 50 Orchard read
Harris Mrs.Heathfield, St. Anne’s rd. east
Harrop Frank Goodier, 64 Park road
Harrop Jobn W. 4 Lightburne avenue
Hartley James Stafford, Elmscott house, Headroomgate road
Harvey Harold, 7 Kensington road
Harvey Jesse, Cloverley, St. Anne's rd. ea
Harwood Robt. Reval, St. Anne’s rd. east
Harworth William Henry, 75 Orchard rd
Hassall Thomas, 5 St. George's square
Haworth John, 4 Beach read
Haworth Oscar, 78 Park road
Haydock Mrs.Carr bank, St.Anne’s rd.east
Hayes John, Hazeldene, Glen Eldon road
Hayes Louis, 21 All Saints’ road
Heap Frank, 51 St. Andrew’s road south
Heap Joseph, 17 South promenade
Heap William, Westby road
Heap Wilson, 57 Orchard road
Heaton John Thomas, Annaville, Clifton drive south
Heaton Miss, 16 Derbe road
Hellewell Mrs.Trusco St.Anne’s rd. ea
Henderson Mrs. 18 All Saints’ road
Hewitt Joseph W. 34 St. Thomas’ road
Heys George E. 6 Cary! road
Heys Mrs. 6 Riley avenue
Heywood William Fox, 75 Park road
Higson Mrs. 6 St. George’s road
Hill Alfred Rowland, 16 St. George's rd
Hill Fred, 8 Beach road
Hill Mrs. 31 North drive
Hill Mrs, 12 Richmond road
Hill Mrs, C. 31 Clifton drive north
Hilton Horbert, 3 Ashley road
Hilton Mrs, 12 Balmoral road
Hoare Charles G.D., M.A. Lawrence house, Links gate
Hodgkinson Saml.J.P.Balgownie,Links gte
Holding Jas, Chorlegh, St. Anne's rd. east
Holland Mrs. 11 St. Leonard's road
Holt Miss, 62 St. Andrew’s road south
Holt Mrs. 50 Cartmell road
Holt Mrs. 10 Glen Eldon road
Hood Joseph Henry, Moss lea, Church rd
Hopwood Albert, 99 Victoria road
Hopwood Mrs. 19b, Glen Eldon road
Horrocks Samuel, 29 St. David’s rd. north
Horsfall Mrs. Westby road
Horsfall Percy, 52 Park road
Hosie Robert, 32 Riley avenue
Howard Miss,South dene,Clifton drive sth
Howarth Edward, 119 Westby road
Howarth Jn. Thos Inglenook, Westby rd
Howarth Mrs. 38 Stanley villas, St. Anne's road east
Howe Rev, Alfred Ernest M.A. (curate of St. Anne’s), 62 Park road
Howorth John, 12 Derbe road
Hoyle Rd. Long holme, St. Anne's rd. ea
Huggins Henry, 10 York road
Hughes Alfred, 65 Lightburne avenue
Hughes Mrs, 4 Glen Eldon road
Humber Joseph, Myerscough ho. Links rd
Hunt John, 80 Orchard road
Ingham James, 21 St. Anne’s road east
Ingham William, 4 St. George’s read
Ireland Mrs. 17 All Saints’ road
Irvine Robert Hugh, Egglescroft, St.Anne's road east
Jackson John, Newlyn, Queen’s road
Jackson Mrs. 24 North promenade
Jackson Mrs. 1 St. Thomas’ road
Jones David, Hurst Nook,St.Anne’s rd. east
Jones George, 9 St. Leonard's road
Jones H. B. 19 St. Leonard’s road
Jordon Mrs. 15 St. Leonard's road
Joyce Mark, 118 St, Andrew's road south
Karstens Hugo, Glen Eldon road
Kay Misses, 98 Lightburno avenue
Kerny Mrs. 66 St, Andrew’s rd. sth
Kerny Solomon, 6 Glen Eldon road
Kershaw James, 2 Norwood road
King Francis H. 61 Orchard road
King James Edward, York house, Headroomgato road
King Jn. Garden ho. St. Anno’s rd. east
Kirkham Matthew, 56 Cartmell road
Kirkland William K. Monterosa, St. Andrew's road south
Knight Ernest M.B. Glengarth, St. Anne’s road west
Knowles Ralph, 16 York road
Knowles Thomas, Overstrand, Clifton drive south
Knutton Jsph.Fronk,32 St. Anne’s rd. we
Lackland Mfiaa, 54 Orchard road
Lamb Miss, Norwood, St. Thomas’ road
Law Herbert, 9 St Anne's road east
Law John H. 123 St. Andrew's road south
Law Mrs. 28 All Saints’ road
Lawrence Mrs. 11 St. David's rd. north
Laycock Mrs. 109 Clifton drive south
Layeock Mrs, 115 South promenade
Leach Misses, Gorsefield, Westby road
Leaf Miss, 86 Orchard road
Lee Ernest, Thoresby, St. Anne’s rd. east
Lee Henry Charles, 7 Lightburne avenue
Leeming George, 60 Lightburne avenue
Leigh Richard, 42 Clifton drive south
Lennard Frederick, Beech Hurst, St. Anne’s road east
Lenthal Charles Bertram, 13 Balmoral rd
Lewis Isaac G. 4 Queen’s road
Lewis Miss, 40 Lightburne avenue
Lewis Mrs, 34 St. Anne's road east
Libbis Geo. Hilder, 89 St. Anne’s rd. east
Liebert George, 93 Clifton drive south
Liebert Harry, 75 Clifton drive south
Lindley William, 46 Cartmell road
Lindsey Harry, 60 Cartmell road
Littler Henry, 55 St, Anne’s road east
Litton Sylvester, 33 Orchard road
Livesey Mra. 35 Riley avenue
Livick Robert, 30 Glen Eldon road
Lomas Thomas, 43 Glen Eldon road
Longbottom Mrs. 34 Victoria road
Longshall Thomas, 1 Balmoral road
Lonsdale Havelock, Hyndburn, South promenade
Lonsdale Herbert, 21 York road
Lord John Albert, 13 Victoria road
Lord Mrs. 22 Lightburne avenue
Lord Mrs. Alice, 23 St. Anne’s road east
Luckman Fdk.Thos. 68 St.Andrew’s rd.sth
Macara Sir Charles Wright bart. J.P. Ardmore, North Promenade
Macbeth-Locke Horace, 8 St. George’s rd
McCappen Alfred H. 77 Park road
MeCiinton George, The White house, St. Anne's road east
Mackey John, Alderagi, St. Thomas' road
Madders John W. 69 Orchard read
Maddocks Ralph, 34 Park road
Maden Mrs. 17 Glen Eldon road
Makinson Thomas A. 24 Victoria road
Mangnall Robert, Whitelands, Headroomgate road
Markland Thomas W. Ingersley, Links gcte
Martin Mrs. Bonnie cot, St.Anne’s rd.east
Martin Thomas, 46 All Saints’ road
Martin William, 34 All Saints’ road
Masha! Menashi, 46 Clifton drive north
Mason Geo. Horace, 95 Clifton drive south
Masters Albert, 109 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Mather Harold, 28 Clifton drive north
Mather Mrs. 37 Victoria road
Mathews James A. 32 Orchard read
Matthews John Henry, 33 Glen Eldon road
Moude John, 44 Park road
Mead Daniel, 30 Riley avenue
Mead Francis, 3 Wood street
Meddington Thomas, 38 Stanley villas, St. Anne’s road east
Merrall Harry M.B. Monterey, Orchard rd
Midgley Mrs. 151 St, Andrew's road south
Miller John, 3 St. David’s road north
Millington Mrs. 4 Victoria road
Milne Thomas, Dunollie, St. Anne's rd. ea
Mitchell Frederick, 135 Church road
Mitchell Jas. Chasely, St. Anne’s rd. east
Monk John, 72 Park road
Monnington Misses, 63 Park road
Moon Harold Joseph, 65 Clifton drive sth
Moore Joseph Stirling, 9 Lightburne aven
Moore Miss, 17 St. Leonard road
Moore Mrs. 64 St. Andrew's road south
Moorhouse Edwin, 19 Glen Eldon road
Moorhouse James, Arnfield, Headroomgate rd
Morello F. A. 1 Caryl road
Morris Mrs. 23 All Saints’ road
Morris Nathan, Sandhills, Clifton drive south
Moseley Alfred, Daisy mount, Bromley rd
Moss Arthur, Carholme,St.Anne’s rd. east
Muirhead John Thomas, Norwood house, Headroomgate road
Mullinor Mrs. 58 Cartmell road
Neild George Bentley, 15 Fairhaven road
Neill Alexander R. 63 Orchard road
Newbigging Mrs. 91 South promenade
Newsholme Robert Wilkinson, 15 Clifton drive south
Nicholl Thomas, 23 Fairhaven road
Nicholson Jn.Alex. J.P. Seaholly,Riley av
Nish Fred, 34 Glen Eldon road
Noyes Mrs. 55 Lightburne avenue
Nuttall Misses, 138 Clifton drive north
Nuttall Mrs. 2 St. George's square
Nutter Wm. Hy. Rough-lee, St.Thomas’ rd
Oates Mrs, W. 66 Orchard road
O'Conner Joseph M.D. 7 Clifton drive sth
Oldham Thomas, 117 St, Andrew's rd. sth
Olerenshaw Miss, 76 Park road
Openshaw Miss, 36 Orchard road
Ormerod John, Oak ho. St. Anne's rd. east
Ormerod Stephen, 118 St.Andrew’s rd. sth
Ormrod Mrs, 2 Balmoral road
Orr Adam, 66 Park road
Ore Cuthbertson, Friars croft, St.George’s sq
Parkinson Mrs. The Poplars, Church road
Parkinson Stephen Herbert, 15 Riley aven
Parkinson Thomas H. 104 Mayfield road
Parks George Wm. St. George's square
Parr William, 9 Glen Eldon road
Partington John L.D.S. Weedhey, St. Anne’s road east
Partington Miss, 6 Lightburne avenue
Partington Richard, 13 Ashley road
Patterson Percy Montgomery, Bencorrum, Clifton drive south
Payne Arthur, 4 Balmoral road
Peart-Robinson Wm. 34 North promenade
Peek Mrs, 12 Kensington road
Peel Mrs. 2 St, George’s road
Peers Mrs. 87 St. Andrew’s road south
Pemberton Ernest Milton,32 All Saints’ rd
Pennington Jn.Edmond,9 Clifton drive sth
Petrie Mrs, Kia Ora, Bromley road
Pickering Miss, 45 Derbe road
Pickford E. C, 4 Norwood road
Pickup Fred, 13 Wood street
Pickup Mrs. 60 St. Andrew's road south
Pidduck Arthur H. 15 Kensington road
Pitcher Jesse, 39 Derbe road
Polkin Tom, 24 St. George’s road
Pollard Hugh, 42 All Saints’ road
Porritt John, 57 All Saints’ road
Porter Thomas M.B. 2 Clifton drive south
Potter John, Ardini, St. Anne's road east
Pratt Arthur Geo. 81 Clifton drive south
Preston Mrs. 99 Clifton drive south
Preston Thomas, Bavensholme, Bromley rd
Prestwich James, Busk, 8t. Anne's rd. ea
Pritchard Wm.Arth, 10 St. Anne's rd.east
Procter James, 23 St. Thomas’ road
Procter Miss, 19 Wood street
Pye Christopher, 36 Park road
Pye Reginald Victor, 25 Kilnhouse lane
Quilter Frederick Joseph, 6 Riley avenue
Radford Mrs. 1 East Bank road
Ramsbottom George, 27 Glen Eldon road
Ramsbottom Mrs, 115 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Randels Mrs, 1 Osborne road
Ratcliffe Daniel, 49 Clifton drive north
Ratcliffe William, 83 Clifton drive south
Raw Miss, Newlands, St. Anne’s rd. east
Rawson Miss P, 99 Bt, Androw’s rd. sth
Rayner Ernest, 31 Parke road
Reddin George, 95 St. David's road north
Redfern Mrs. 38 Oxford road
Rhodes Fred, 17 Clifton drive north
Riley Mrs. 83 Park road
Rinses Mrs. 33 Victoria road
Roberts Edward, 37 Clifton drive north
Roberts Miss, 37 Riley avenue
Roberts Mrs, 31 Oxford road
Robertson G. P. Athole, Cartmell road
Robinson Mrs. 11 Queen’s road
Roscoe Mrs, 158 Clifton drive north
Rose Miss, Burslem, Glen Eldon road
Rostron Miss S. 19 Glen Eldon road
Rostron Mrs. 21 Clifton drive north
Rothwell Henry Duckworth, Rathleigh, Headroomgate road
Rowe John, 101 South Promenade
Rowlandson John, Sunnyfylde, St. Anne’s rd. east
Rushfirth Edgor Williams, Lime grove, St. Andrew's road north
Russell Rev, George Stanley M.A. (Congregational), Culloden, st. George’s road
Russell Mrs. 8 Victoria road
Ryan Rev. Michi. (Cath.), st.Anne's rd. ea
Sacré Walter John, Ravenscourt, Clifton drive south
Sagar Charles K. 10 Victoria road
Sanderson George, The Willows, Head-roomgate road
Sargeant Joseph Walker J.P. 42 Clifton drive north
Sayer Rev. Geo. Wyatt, 24 Lightburne av
Schofield Arth Netherside,St.Anne’s rd. ea
Schofield Robert H. 79 Orchard road
Scholes William, 147 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Schofield Arthur B. 7 Links gate
Scofield John, 5 Victoria road
Scott Arthur A. 74 Orchard road
Scowcroft Mrs, 98 Clifton drive south
Scurrah Mrs. 12 Glen Etdon road
Seed William, 42 Clifton drive north
Sefton John, Rothay Holme,Glen Eldon rd
Shakeshaft Miss, 69 Park road
Sharp Walter, 17 York road
Sharpe Miss, 87 Clifton drive south
Sharratt Walter, 1 Kensington road
Shaw Herbert, 5 Osborne road
Shaw William, 112 Mayfleld road
Shaw William Hy. Wyncote, York road
Shepherd George, 77 Clifton drive south
Shepherd James, Park road
Shepherd Rd. Holmedale,Clifton drive nth
Shepherd Thomas, 26 Derbe road
Sherwood Robert, 19 All Saints’ road
Shuesmith Jo, Addington house, St.Anne’s road east
Sidebottom Col. Albert V.D., J.P. Quingan, North drive
Sidebottom C, A. 136 Clifton drive north
Slater Miss, 3a Park road
Smethurst Thomas, 36 Clifton drive north
Smith Bertrand, Somerley, St. Anne's road east
Smith George, 58 St. Andrew's rd. south
Smith H. Bompas M.A, (head master King Edward VII. School), Clifton drive south
Smith Harold, 83 St. Andrew’s rd. south
Smith Mrs. Ivanhoe, St. Anne’s road east
Smith Mrs. 49 Park road
Smith Mrs. 26 Riley avenue
Smith Mrs, 3 St. George’s square
Smith Randolph, Winder, North Promenade
Smith Walter, The Grange, Links gate
Smith William Arthur, Marley house, South Promenade
Smitheries Samuel, 74 Park road
Smithers Mrs. 46 Lightburne avcoue
Southern Mrs. Burn brae, Bromley road
Speakman Henry, 10 Riley avenue
Spring Frank E. 21 Victoria road
Spring Mrs. 23 Wood street
Spyvee Frank, 21 Cartmell road
Squier Edward A. 4 York read
Stableford John P. 94 Clifton drive south
Staley Herbert McLean, The Woodlands,St. Anne’s road east
Statey John Christopher George, 8 St. Andrew’s road south
Stanworth Levi,Ash lea, St.Anne’s rd. east
Staveley Fredk. Wm. 11 Glen Eldon road
Stead C. A, 130 Clifton drive north
Steele Joseph, 25 Derbe road
Stevenson Fras. Endclifte, St. Thomas’ rd
Stevenson Mrs. 9 Fairhaven road
Stevenson Henry G. 34 Clifton drive north
Stirling Robt. Lyndale, Headroomgate rd
Storey Thomas, Kinmont, Headroomgate rd
Stott Frank Roland, 110 Mayfield road
Stott Sylvester Louis J.P. Ingleficld, St Anne’s road east
Strong Charles, 80 Victoria road
Stuttard Thomas, 22 Riley avenue
Sullivan Mrs. 20 Riley avenue
Sutcliffe John, 14 Riley avenue
Sykes John, Oakdene, St. Thomas’ road
Sykes Miss, 12 Caryl road
Sykes Miss, 36 Victoria road
Talbot Rev Prebendary Arthur Henry M.A. St. Edith’s lodge, Fairhaven road
Tattersall Mrs, Bedoliffe, Westby road
Taylor Rev.William A. L., B.A. (Wesleyan Methodist), St. George’s road
Taylor Rev. Wm.Lancaster, St.Andrew's rd
Taylor Frank, The Cottage, Crossland rd
Theodesius Harold Geo. 14 Clifton drive sth
Thomas Arthur, 8 Riley avenue
Thomas John, 29 Fairhaven road
Thompson Misa, 47 Clifton drive north
Thompson Mrs. 23 Cartmell road
Thompson Mrs. 130 8t, Andrew's rd. sth
Thompson William, 46 Clifton drive north
Thomson Allen, 11 Victoria road
Thornes William, 20 Victoria road
Thornley Charles Edward,10 Lightburne av
Thorpe Chas.Chaston,119 South promenade
Thorpe Richard Taylor, 58 Lightburne av
Titterington Mrs. 16 All Saints’ read
Trickett Henry W. 54 Clifton drive north
Trickett Perey Ashworth, Hawthorne, Headroomgate road
Turnbull ‘Thomas, ‘the Wocdlands, St. Andrew's road south
Utley William, 81 Orchard road
Waddington M. L. 14 All Saints’ road
Waddington Wm. 71 St. Andrew’s rd. sth
Wad» Reginald, 93 Lightburne avenue
Wade Richard, 21 Oxford road
Wade Walter, 27 Oxford road
Walker Denton, Holme Dene, St. Anne’s road east
Walker Miss, 4 Ashley road
Walker Mrs. Lea Hurst, St. Anne's rd. ea
Walker Mrs. 20 St. Anne's road east
Walker Mrs. 33 St. David's road north
Walker Samuel, 8 Caryl road
Walmsley Cromwell, 48 All Saints’ road
Walmsley Geo. J.P. Estcourt, Links gate
Walmsley Henry, 25 Victoria road
Walmsley James, 102 Mayfield road
Walmsley John, 106 Mayfield road
Walmsley Nicholas, Saxonda‘te, Ashley rd
Walton Fredk. 135 St. Andrew's rd. south
Walton James, 7 Osborne road
Warburton Hurry, 50 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Warburton John, 14 Victoria road
Ward Leonard Wallwork,13 Clifton drv.sth
Warren Reginald Arthur Bloomfield, 37 Glen Eldon road
Watson Mrs. 97 South promenade
Watson Tom, 124 St. Andrew's rd. south
Watts Jn. 18 East bank, St.Anne’s rd.east
Webster Nelson, 27 St.Andrew's rd. eouth
Webster Richard, 93 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Welch Mrs. 38 Park road
Wella Hy. Matthew, 61 Clifton drive south
Westall Benjamin, 69 St. Andrew’s rd. sth
Westell Mrs. 62 Lightburne avenue
Whatmough Joseph Lodge, 132 Clifton drive north
Whipp Edward M. 14 St. George’s road
Whitaker Jas, Grislehurst,St.Anne's rd east
Whitaker Miss, 21 Kensington road
White Charles, Glen Royd, Westby road
White John H. 65 St. Andrew's rd, south
White Thomas Henry, 25 Glen Eldon rd
Whitehead Andrew,120 St.Andrew’s rd.sth
Whitchuret Henry, 52 Clifton drive north
Whitham Mrs. 95 St. Andrew's rd. south
Whittaker Arthur, 56 Park road
Whittaker Samuel, Thornecombe, St. Anne’s road east
Whittingham William,71 South promenade
Whittle James, 12 Queen’s road
Whitworth Herbert,Strathmore,Beach road
Whowell Frederick, 34 Derbe rond
Wild Mrs. 88 Clifton drive north
Wilkinson Frederick, Green bank, St. Anne’s road east
Wilkinson John Allen, 27 Cartmell road
Williams Frank Austin,17 St.Anne’s rd. ea
Williams John E. $ Balmoral road
Williamson Thomas Pym, 53 Park road -
Wilson John, 81 Park road
Wilson Samuel, 7 Glen Eldon road
Wise Maurice, 150 Clifton drive north
Wiseman Robt. Holt, 104 Clifton drive sth
Wolfenden John A. 27 Park road
Wood James, St. Anne's road east
Weod John, 16 Clifton drive south
Wood Mrs. 35 Clifton drive north
Woed Mrs. 26 Lightburne avenue
Wood Mrs. 137 St. Andrew's road south
Woedhead Mrs. 7 Queen's road
Worthington Miss, 37 All Saints’ road
Worthington Mrs. 11 Clifton drive south
Wright Hy. Ernest Purdon, 31 Riley aven
Wrigley Mrs. Vetusholme, St. Anne's rd.ea
Wyse Morris, Cairnemoor,Cliften drive nth
Yates Mrs. 20 Oxford road

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