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Kelly 1913 - St. Annes - Commercial

Abraham Ormerod Convalescent Home (The Kilburn Sisters of the Church, matrons), Clifton drive north
Adams Alice (Miss), art needlework repos. 43 St. Anne’s rd. west
Adams Edith Miss, apartments, 43 South promenade
Aillsworth Elizabeth (Mis), apartments, 35 St. David’sa rd. sth
Alnsworth John (Mrs.), apartments, 59 St, Andrew’s rd. south
Alrey Elizabeth (Mrs.), restaurant, 7a, Park road
Aldred Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 39 Clifton drive south
Anderson Henry H. motor garage, Alexandria drive
Anderton George Bentley, tinplate worker, 6 St. Alban’s road
Andrew John William, insurance agent, 99 St. David's rd. sth
Anion John, farmer, Highbury road
Appleyard James, butcher, 6 Park road
Arnehall School for Girls (Miss Gibb & the Misses Hall, principate), St. Anne’s road west
Arnold Hilda M, (Mrs.), apartments, 40 Park road
Ashton Alice (Mrs.), apartments, 11 Park road
Ashton Mary (Mrs), apartments, 56 Lightburne avenue
Ashworth & Stansfield (Misses), aparts. 11 St, Alban’s road
Ashworth B. (Mrs.), baker & confectioner, 4 Alexandria drive
Ashworth Deborah (Mrs.), apartments, 7 Derbe road
Ashworth John Thomas, apartments, 17 St. David’s rd. south
Ashworth Mary (Miss), apartments, 48 St. David's road south
Ashworth Robert, coal merchant, 4 Alexandria drive
Aspen Fred, grocer, 48 Church road
Atkinson William, apartments, 70 St. Alban’s road
Baker John Bellyso, apartments, 111 South promenade
Balmforth Helen & Fanny (Misses), aparts. 63 Lightburne av
Bamford Annie Walmer (Mrs.), fancy drapr.27 St.Anne’s rd. we
Bamford Robert, hair dresser, 9 Garden street
Banks William & Co. solicitors & commissioners for oaths, Read's chambers, St. Andrew's road south
Bannister Thomas, draper, 14 to 22 Garden, street
Barber Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 42 St. Alban's road
Barber Priscilla (Mrs.) apartments, 4 All Saints’ road
Barclay Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 23 Wood street
Barker Maria (Miss), ladies’ outfitter, 7 & 9 St. Anne’s rd. west
Barker Mary Jane (Miss), art needlework repository, see Dickin & Barker (Misses)
Barker Tom, confectioner, 9 Alexandria drive
Barlow George W. cyole & bassinette dlr. 3 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Barraclough & Co. drapers, 21 Orchard road
Barraclough Clara (Miss), apartments, 83 South promenade
Barratt Sam, painter, 28 St. Alban’s road
Barter Mary Ann (Miss), confectioner, 2 Garden street
Barton Henry J. apartments, 11 Clifton drive north
Bayley & Mason, boot makers, 125 St. Alban’s road
Beard Gertrude (Airs.), apartments, 43 Park road
Beckwith Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 29 Orchard road
Bell William, apartments, 27 St. Alban’s road
Belshaw Alice M. (Mrs.), private hotel, 13 South promenade
Benner George, grocer, 38 St. Anne’s road west
Bennett Underwood, apartments, 28 Park road
Birtwistle Mary A. (Mrs.), apartments, 51 Orchard road
Blackpool Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. (Albert Heap, manager), 127 St. Alban's road & St. Andrew's road south
Blakey A. & H. (Misses), boarding house, 6 All Saints’ road
Blandford Henry H. apartments, 56 St. Andrew's road south
Bluhm Cyril, land agent, City Bank chmbrs. St. Anne’s rd.west
Bluhm Quentin Mangnall, architect, City Bank chambers, St. Anne’s road west
Blundell Robert, shopkeeper, 49 Clifton street
Bolton Agnes (Miss), apartments, Wood street
Bonsall Miriam (Miss), apartments, 20 Lightburne avenue
Booth Frederick M.D., C.M.Aberd. physician & surgeon, & medical olticer of health to the St. Anne's Urban District Council, Clifton drive south
Booth Robert, apartments, 131 St. Andrew’s road south
Boothman Robert, commercial traveller, 6 Kilnhouse lane
Boots Cash Chemists Limited (Wilson Hill, manager), St. Anne's road west. T N 268
Bourne Laura (Miss), apartments, 16 Lightburne avenue
Bousfield & Shackleton, milliners, 17 Orchard road
Bowman James, apartments, 72 St. Andrew's road south
Bradbury Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 23 St. David’s road south
Bradley Thomas, clerk to the St. Anne's Urban District Council, hon. sec. of the St. Anne’s branch of the Royal National Life Boat Institution, sec. to the Life Boat Disaster Fund &
sec. to the Technical School, Council offices, Clifton drive sth
Bradshaw James Goodier, chartered accountant, see Rigby, Bradshaw & Whitehead
Bramley John, insurance agent, Leach lane
Bray Walter, apartments, 13 Clifton drive north
Breakey Lily (Mrs.), apartments, 48 Cartmell road
Brearley Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 12 All Saints’ road
Brearley Robert Knowles, watch maker, City Bank chambers, St. Anne’s road west
Brewer John, apartments, 15 East Bank road
Bridge Walter, ladies’ blouse maker, 35 St. Anne’s road west
Brierley Clara (Miss}, apartments, 15 Clifton drive north
Brierley John, slater, & apartments, 37 St. Andrew's rd. north
Brindle Joseph F., B.A.Oxon. boys’ bearding school, Oxford house, 85 Clifton drive sonth
Bromley Mary (Miss), coniectioner, see Rydings & Bromley
Brooke Arthur, confectioner, 14 West crescent
Brougham James, Victoria hotel, Church road
Brown Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 29 South promenade
Bulcock Alice (Miss), apartments, 35 Derbe road
Bunce Ernest G. builder, 6 Norwood road
Burgess Charles Herbert, apartments, 9 Derbe road
Burgess Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 16 Glen Eldon road
Burgons Limited, grocers & provision moerchants, The Square. T N 26
Burns Susan (Miss), apartments, 21 Park road
Burrell William, apartments, 38 St. Andrew’s road south
Butcher Agnes (Mrs.), fancy draper, 22 North crescent
Butterworth James & Co. estate agents, 12 Orchard road
Butterworth Walt. grocer, 2 Alexandra rd. ea, & 51 Cliften st
Byers Mandale M.B., B.Ch. surgeon, 24 Stanley villas, St. Anne’s road east
Cadman Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 21 Wood street
Cain Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 31 St. Anne’s road west
Cameron James Craig L.D.B.Edin, dental surgeon, Bencorrum, Clifton drive south
Campbell Frances (Mrs.), apartments, 72 St, Andrew's rd. sth
Campbell George Weymess, apartments, 19 St. David’s rd. sth
Campbell John R.P.S. plumber, Crescent corner, St. Andrew's road south
Carlton Pavilion (Carlton’s Cosy Corner Limited, proprietors; Fred Carlton, managing director), South promenade
Carman Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 12 Lightburne avenue
Carmont Harold John, rate collector & supt. asaistant overseer, 27 Lightburne avenue
Carnegie Free Public Library (Miss Bertha M, Barrow, librarian), Clifton drive south
Cartmell William & Sons, florists, St. George’s road & 63 St. Andrew's road north
Cartmell George, farmer, Division lane
Cartmell Harry, solicitor & commissioner for caths, 9 Victoria rd
Cartwright Crompton, hair dresser & tobaccnst, 20 North cres
Castles Mary Emily (Miss),aparts.see Clongh & Castles (Misses)
Central Laundry Co. (Miss Clarke, manageress), Back, Glen Eldon road
Central Motor Garage (William T. Aked & Co. proprietors), St, Andrew's road north
Chadwick: Misses, apartments, 25 Fairhaven road
Challinor Emma (Mrs.}. apartments, 22 St. Alban’s road
Challinor Thomas, watch maker, 23 St. Alban’s road
Cheetham Henrietta (Miss), costumier, 22 Orchard road
Cheetham Samuel. butcher, 25 North crescent
Clarke EB. grocer & tea dealer, 15 Orchard road
Clayton Thamos Henry, apartments, 13 St. Alban’s road
Clegg M. C. & E. G. (Misses), apartments, 5 East Bank road
Clege Mary Doletha (Mrs.), apartments, 8 Derbe road
Clegg Stansfield. insurance agent, 43 St. Andrew's road south
Clothier James Herbert, electrical engincer to the Urban District Council, Electricity works, St. David's road north
Clough & Castley (Misses), apartments. 45 Lightburne avenue
Coates Misses, refreshment rooms, 15 St. Anne's road west
Collinge & Co. Limited, honse furnishers. 86 St. Anne's rd.west
Connor Caroline (Mrs.), apartments, 9 South promenade
Conservative Club (Nicholas Walmsley, hon. sec.), Orchard rd
Cook Ellen (Mrs.). apartments, 63 Cartmell road
Cookson Arthur, farmer, Mellings lane
Cookson Ellen (Mrs.), farmer, Twiggy lane
Cookson James, butcher, 22 Park road
Cookson John, butcher, 4 St. David's road south
Cookson Walter, tailor & costumier, 9 St. Andrew's road south
Cooper Martha Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 68 St. Andrew’s road south
Cornthwaite Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 12 Bichmond road
Coucill Harry, apartments, 34 St David's road south
Coupe William, glass & china dealer, 10 St. Annes road west
Cowen Miss, apartments, 1 Lightburne avenue
Crankshaw Kate (Miss), apartments, see Ormrod & Crankshaw
Craven Hannah (Mrs.), apartments, 20 All Saints road
Craven Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 25 South promenade
Crockwell Arthur (Mrs.), apartments, 28 Clifton drive south
Cronshaw William, apartments, 20 Wood street
Croucher William George, cycle agent, 10 Orchard road
Crouchley Mary (Miss), apartments, 47 Lightburne avenue
Cunliffe Annie, (Miss), apartments, 21 South promenade
Cunningham & Thwaites Limited, wine & spirit merchants, 30 North crescent
Dandy William B. tailor, 20 Orchard road
Davenport Jas.F. boys’ school,Kilgrimel school, Clifton drive sth
Davies Samuel, confectioner, 16 North crescent
Davis Catherine (Miss), apartments, 30 Clifton drive south
Dawson Alfred Bradley, accountant to the Urban District Council, Council offices Clifton drive south
Dawson Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 33 St. Andrew's rd south
Dawson Geo, Duncan M.D.physcn. & surgn. 24 Clifton drive south
Dawson Joseph, chimney sweeper, 3 Nelson street
Dawson Lilian (Miss), apartments, 13 Derbe road
Dawson Miss, apartments, 52 Orchard road
Dennison William appartments, 26 St. Anne's road east
Dickin & Barker (Misses), art needlework repos, 4 West Cres
Dicks’, boot & shoe makers, 6 West crescent
Dixon Mary A. (Mrs.), apartments, 17 Park road
Donaldson John, apartments, 5 St. Anne's road east
Dubois Emily (Mrs), apartments, 25 Wood street
Duckworth James Ltd. (branch), grocers &c. 93 North cres
Duckworth & Read (Misses), apartments, 28 Derbe road
Duckworth John, boot maker, 31 Lightburne avenue
Duckworth John, plumber, 11 Garden st
Duckworth Mary (Miss), confectioner, St. Andrew's road south
Duckworth Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartments, Grassmere house St. Alban’s rd
Duckworth Wm. plumber, Grassmere house, St. Alban’s rd
Duntop Annie (Miss), apartments, 5 Derbe road
Dunlop Mary (Miss), apartments, 30 St. Alban’s road
Dyson Maria (Miss), apartments, 3 Clifton drive south
Eardley Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 4 Richmond road
Eastwood Charles, solicitor & commissioner for oaths see Banks W. & Co
Eaves Thomas, farmer, Mellings lane
Eccles William, farmer, Regent street
Edmundson William, restaurant, 154 St. Alban’s road
Edwards Jane (Mrs.), apartments, Holly nook, Queen's road
Edwards Susannah (Mrs.), apartments, 33 St. David’s rd. sth
Elliott Alice (Mrs.), antique dealer, 15a, St. David's rd. south,
Elliott Arthur Campbell M.B., C.M.Edin. surgeon, Cranford Clifton drive south
Elphick Henry, ironmongers, 10 St. Andrew's road south
Elton Fanny Amelia (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Wood street
Empire Picture Theatre (Crowther & Spring, Proprietors), St George’s road
England Arnold, architect, Carlton chmbrs. St. Andrew's rd south
Evans Fredk. Jas, M.P.S. chemist & druggist, 28 North crescent
Evans Richard, apartments, 97 St. Andrew's road south
Eyre Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 15 South promenade
Farnworth James, apartments. 57 Park road
Fergusson Daniel William, draper, see Smith & Fergusson
Fielden Mary A. (Miss), draper, 12 St. Andrew's road south
Fielding W. S. Limited, house furnishers, 123 St. David's rd.sth
Fillingham Elenora (Mrs.), apartments, 126 St. Andrew's rd south
Finlay & Co. Limited, tobacconists. 10 West crescent
Fish Henry, fancy repository, 16 Andrew's road south
Fisher Henry; dairyman, & refreshment rooms, 4 & 6 Orchard road
Fisker. James, farmer, Regent street
Fitton Joseph, apartments, 7 St. Anne's road east
Flitcroft John Thomas, teacher of music, 36 Riley ave
Ford Samuel, frulterer, 22 Alexandria drive
Forsdike Louis, apartments, 17 St. Thomas’ road
Fox James, apartments, 45 St. Andrew's roed north
Foy Samuel, clothier, 15 St. David’s road south
Fulstow S. H. (Miss), girls’ school, North promenade
Furness & Wright Misses, apartments, 10 Wood street
Galloway Josiah & Stanley L.D.S.Edin. dental surgeons, 31 Wood street
Gardner Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 46 Orchard road
Garstang Clarrie (Miss), apartments, 57 Lightburne avenue
Gaskell James, apartments, 31 South promenade
George Herbert, fancy draper, 41 St. Anne's road west
Gibson Jane (Miss), apartments, 34 St. Andrew's road south
Gifford Harry Baldwin, apartments, 8 Hornby read
Gill & Read Limited, ironmongers, St, Anne's road West
Gill Frances C, (Mrs.), apartments, 113 South Promenade
Gill Harriet (Mrs.), apartments, 4 Wood street
Gillett George, farmer, Cross slack
Goddard E. & A. (Misses), apartmenta, 2 All Saints road
Goodier Misses, apartments. 21 Richmond road
Grand Hotel Co. Limited, South promenade
Grant Joseph, carriage proprietor, Blenheim lodge, Queen's rd
Greaves David, apartments, 14 Glen Eldon road
Greaves Thomas, coal merchant & dealer, Station yard
Greaves William, farmer, Headroomgate road
Green & Hartley, apartments, 97 Fairhaven rood
Green John, apartments, 9 St. Andrew's road south
Green Robert, apartments, 18 St Alban's rd
Greenhalgh Elizabeth (Miss), draper, 7 St. Andrew’s rd. south
Greenhalgh Thomas, boot maker, 41 Church road
Greenwood John E. apartments, 8 All Saints’ road
Gregory R. & Son, drapers, 27 North crescent
Gregson Henry, surveyor to St. Anne’s Urban District Council, Council offices, Clifton drive south
Grice Annie (Miss), music teacher, 65 St. Andrew's road north
Grice Martha (Miss), costumier, 25 8t. Anne's road east
Griffin John L.R.C.S.Irel. surgeon, High croft, Queen's road
Grime A. (Miss), children’s & ladies’ outfitter, 28 North cres
Grimshaw Bertha (Mies), apartments, 22 All Saints’ road
Grindrod Martha (Miss), apartments, 40 Wood street
Hadnum Joseph, painter & decorator, 26 St. Andrew's rd. ath
Hall Elizabeth Mary & Rachel Alice (Misses), private school (boys’), 1 Clifton drive south
Hall George & Son, cabinet makers, 16 St. Anne’s road west
Hall & Son, coal merchants, Station yard
Hall Annie (Miss), apartments, 1 Derbe rood
Hall Robert, farmer, Headroomgate farm
Halliwell Thos. H. manager of the Manchester & County Bank Ltd. & treas, to the Urban District Council,26 St.Anne’s rd. west
Hamer James E. solicitor, Alistre, St. Anne's road east
Hardman Benjamin, apartments, 32 Park road
Hardman James William, chemist & druggist, Central pharmacy, 3a, St. Andrew’s road’ south
Hardman Walter G. coal merchant, Station yard
Hargreaves Richard James, milliner, 37 St. Anne’s road west
Hargreaves Robert, antique furn. dir. 9a & 18 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Hargreaves Robert (Mrs.), apartments, 41 St. Andrew's rd. nth
Harris Elizabeth A. (Mrs.), apartments, 48 Park road
Harrison Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 8 St. Alban’s road
Harrison Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 32 Clifton drive south
Harrison James Willie, confectioner, 3 West crescent
Harrop Frederick, fruiterer & florist, 13 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Hartley Charles, insurance Inspector, 5 Lightburne avenue
Hartley Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, see Green & Hartley
Hartley William, butcher, 14 Orchard road ,
Haslam Emily & Alice (Misses), aparts, 43 St. Andrew's rd.nth
Haslewood Janet (Mra.), apartments, 7 Richmond road
Haughton Florence (Mrs.), apartments, 46 Park road
Haworth 8. A., M.B., A. & H. (Misses), fancy drapers, 20 St. Anne’s road west
Heap John & Sons, builders & joiners, 49 St, Andrew's rd. sth
Heap Henry H. apartments, 85 St. Andrew's road south
Helliwell S. & E. (Misses), apartments, 11 Richmond road
Heketh John, farmer, Kilnhouse lane
Heyworth, photographer, 3 Orchard road
Hibberson Joseph R apartments, 29 St. Andrew's road north
Hickson Joseph & Son, landscape gardeners, 67 St. Andrew's road south
Hickson William Edward plumber, 77 St. Andrew's road south
Higgins Charles, private hotel. The Clifton, South promenade
Hill Abraham, apartments, 43 Lightburne avenue
Hill Clara (Miss), apartments, see Hudson & Hill
Hilton Alice (Mrs.), apartments, 91 St. David's road south
Hindle Ernest, apartments, 37 Park road .
Hindle Lois (Miss), china & glass dealer, 39 St. Annes rd. west
Hoare Charles G. D., M.A. boys’ boarding school, Lawrence house, The Links
Hobson & Simpson, confectioners, 62 Church road & 19 St. Andrew's road south
Hoey Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Richmond read
Holdway Amy Gertrude (Migs), dress maker, City Bank chamberg, St. Anne's road west
Holliday Emma Bailey (Miss), apartments, 61 Lightburne aven
Hollingworth Edward, butcher, 2a, Alexandria drive
Holmes & Co. artists & photographers, 18 Orchard road
Holmes Robert, fruiterer & florist, 13 Orchard rood
Hooley Arthur, boot repairer, St. David's road south
Hopewell Hy. & Co. indian & japanese mer.33 St.Anne’a rd. west
Hepwood William & Co. builders, Ivy, Glen Eldon road
Hornby John, refreshment rooms, 140 St. Alban’s road
Horne Charles, fancy draper, 11 Orchard road
Horrocks Alice & Jane (Misses). drapers, 7 st. David's rd. sth
Howard Fanny (Mrs.), apartments, 30 Park road
Howarth Edward, apartments, 39 St. Andrew's road aouth
Howarth Isabella Ann (Mrs.}, boot repairer, 38 Church road
Huddlestona Misses, apartments, 47 South promenade
Hudson & Hill Misses, apartments, 14 Wood street
Hughes W. H. & Sons, auctnrs. & valuers, 21 St. Anne’s rd. we
Hughes Prank, collector of income tax, 21 St. Anne's rd. west
Hulme Sarah E. (Miss), apartments, 11 Fairhaven road
Hunt Prances (Miss) Apartments 123 South promenade
Hunt John, draper, 48 Park road
Imperial Hydro Hotel (Richd. Haydon Doorbar, mgr.). TN 258
Ingham Wilfred, painter, 3 (back) St. Anne’s road west
Ingham William, grocer, & post office, St. David's road south
Jackson Emma (Mrs.), grocer, 100 St. Andrew's road south
Jackeon William Harry , confectioner, 40 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Jacques J. & E. (Misses), apartments, 11 Derbe road
Jameson Ellen (Mrs.), farmer, Leach lodge
Jameson James, apartments, 20 St. Alban’s road
Jeffries Charles Thomas apartments, 4, Hornby road
Jennings Edwin B. apartments, 11 South promenade
Johnson Brothers (Dyers) Limited, dyers & cleaners,3a Park rd
Johnson Herbert James, hosier, 3 West crescent
Jolly Edward Nicholas, apartments, 5 Wood st
Jones Maria Eilzb, Nichola Sarah Jane (Misses), aparts. 2 Hornby rd
Jones Morris William, apartments, 52 St. David’s road south
Jones Sarah Eleanor (Mrs.), apartments, 42 St. Andrew rd south
Junior Unionist Association (Percy Wade, sec.), 4 Garden st
Kay Alfred, grocer, 35 Lightburne avenue
Kay Richard, apartents, 1 All Saints’ road
Kelly William, general dealer, St. Alban’s road
Kendal Hannah (Mrs.), apartments, 10 Hornby road
Kenyon Hannah (Mrs.), apartments, 27 Wood street
King Edward VII. Endowed School (H. Bompas Smith M.A. head master) Clifton drive south
King Sydney, Sidney 28 St. David's road south
Kirkham Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 26 St. David's road, south
Knight Ernest M.B.Lond. surgeon, Glengarth, St. Anne's rd. west
Knowles &Co. drapers, 46 St. Anne's road west
Knowles Ralph M.R.C.S L.R.C.P physician & surgeon, 18 York road
Lamb Thomas, provision dealer, 119 St. Alban’s road
Lambert John William, bookseller & stationer, 13 West crescent & 19 St. David's road south
Lancashire & Yorkshire Bank Lim, (branch) (Frank G. Harrop, manager), St. Anne's road west; open 9,30 to 3; sats. 9 to 12.30; draw on London County & Westminster Bank Ltd. 41 Lothbury, London E C
Langridge Margaret Anne (Miss), apartments, Ruthorglen, 99 South promenade
Lavis Leonard, apartments, 15 St. Thomas’ road
Law & Pilling (Misses), apartments, 29 Lightburne avenue
Law Herbert & Walter, solicitors & commissioners for oaths, 4 Garden street
Law Lucas, hair dresser & tobacconist, 123 St. Alban’s road
Law Robert, apartments, 36 St. Andrew’s road south
Lawson Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 31 Orchard road
Lawson Richard, furniture remover, 11 St, Anne's road east
Lawson Thomas O. french polisher, 1 (back) St. Anne’s rd. we
Leach John William, draper, Whitehall place, Park road
Leadbetter Nicholas, fishmonger, 40 St. Anne’s road west
Leake Harold & Co. electrical engineers, 5 Garden street
Learoyd Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 31 St. Andrew's road north
Libbis George Hilder, civil engineer, 89 St. Anne's road east
Lindenhuret Ladies’ College (Miss Mark, principal), 19 South promenade
Lingard Robert, shopkeeper, 200 St. David's road north
Lomax Clara (Mrs.), apartments, 32 North promenade
London City & Midland Bank Ltd. (Preston Bank branch) (James Edward King, manager), St. Anne’s road west; open daily, 9.30 to 3; sat. 9 to 12.30; draw on head office, Threadneedle street, London EC
Longstaff Joseph, dairyman & confr. 13 St. David's rd. south
Lonsdale Edward, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, Bank chambers, Park road
Lord George William, builders’ mer, 2 St. Patrick's rd. south
Lord James Hartley, apartments, 3 Derbe road
Lord Margaret A. (Miss), apartments, see Sellers & Lord
Lord Mary Ann (Mrs.). apartments, 88 St. Andrew's road south
Lowe George, golf club manufr. 29 St. Andrew’s road south
Lowe Margaret (Miss), apartments, 20 North promenade
Lowe Sarah Ellen (Miss), ladies’ school, Wentworth house, 19 Fairhaven road
Loyd Ada (Miss), apartments, 58 St. David's road south
Lytham & St. Anne's Golf Club (Thomas Pym Williamson, sec.), Links gate
McCann Edwin M. hosier & gent’s outfitter, 12 St Anne's rd. we
Machin Misses, apartments, 29 & 31 Clifton drive south
Mackley Mrs. apartments, 86 St. Anne’s road east
Main Robert, hair dresser, 8 West crescent & 3 Garden street
Man Mrs. apartments, 17 Wood street
Manchester (The) Children’s Hospital Convalescent Home (Miss Stevens, matron), Clifton drive north
Manchester & County Bank Ltd. (branch) (Robert H. Halliwell, manager), 26 St. Anne’a road west; open daily 9.30 till 3,sat. 9 till 12.30; draw on Union of London & Smiths Bank Limited, London E C
Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Limited (J. F. Knutton, manager), 82 St. Ann's rd. west; open daily, 9.30 to 3; sat. 9 to 12.30; draw on London office, 75 Cornhill EC
Manchester Sunday Schoo] Union Holiday Home (Miss Mino Vallance, matron), 107 Clifton drive south
Mann E., BE. & M. L. (Misses), apartments, 32 Derbe road
Marsden Jane (Miss), apartments, 44 Orchard road
Marshall Sarah Ellen (Mrs.), apartments, 17 St, Alban’s road
Marson Misses, apartments, 35 South promenade
Maskell Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 59 Park road
Mason Albert Edward, boot maker, see Bayley & Mason
Mather Roger, tailor, 16 St. David’s road south
Matthews & Ratcliffe, painters &c. 21 St. Andrew's rd, south
Maypole Dairy Co. Limited (William Riley, manager), dairymen, 5 West crescent
Mellor Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 33 South promenade
Merrall Harry M.B., Ch.B.Vict., L.S.A.Lond. surgeon, & medical officer & public vaccinator St. Anne's-on-the-Sea district, Fylde union, Monterey, Orchard road
Metcalfe Brothers, grocers, 5 St. Andrew's road
Metcalfe George, apartments, 15 St. David’s road north
Miller Agnes & Kitty (Misses), apartments, 2 Park road
Miller M. & E, (Misses), apartments, 5 Fairhaven read
Miller Jacob, jobmaster, 29 Church road
Miller Kate (Mrs.), milliner, 5 Alexandria drive
Millington O. A, (Miss), artist, 4 West crescent
Mills Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 33 Lightburne avenue
Milne Leach Thomas, steam laundry, St. David’s road north
Mitchell Frank, pianoforte & music dealer, 7 West crescent
Molloy Mary (Miss), apartments, 42 Wood street
Monaghan John, builder & contractor, 2 Lightburne avenue
Monnington Phyllis & Rose (Misses), apartments, 38 Wood st
Moon Harold Joseph, phystcian & surgn. 65 Clifton drive south
Moore Henry, joiner & builder, 73 St. Andrew's road south
Moore Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 14 Derbe road .
Moorhouse Geo. tobacconist 1, & aparts. 52, St.Andrew's rd. sth
Morley Ann Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 38 Lightburne aven
Morton Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 41 St. Andrew's road south
Murkland Agnes, Mary & Mima (Misses), aparts.7 Fairhaven rd
Needham George, apartments, 30 St. Andrew’s road north
Needle Bernard, apartments, 15 Victoria road
New British Rubber Co. Limited, 8 Park road
Newsham Willlam, apartments, 14 St. Alban's road
Nickson Isabella (Mrs.), apartments. 9 Wood street
Nobletts Limited, confectioners, 9 West crescent
North Elizh.O. & Frances M.(Misses), aparts. 5 Clifton drive sth
Northfield School for Girls (Mrs. Varley, principal), Mayfield rd
Nuttall Brothers, costumiers, 3 Park road
Nuttall G. & Sons, builders’ merchants, Cambridge road
Nuttall Elizabeth (Mrs), dress maker, 3 All Saints’ road
Nuttall James Alfred, builder, 22 St. Andrew’s road south
Nuttall John, coal merchant, Station yard
Nuttall John A. shipping & tourist agt. 4 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Nuttall Richard, apartments, 64 St. Andrew’s road south
Nuttall Richard, watch & clock maker, 6 St. Andrew's rd. sth
O'Connor Joseph M.D. & M.S.0.K.U.1, LCS. & LML Edin surgeon, 7 Clifton drive south
Old Linke Golf Club (Jas. Wm.Whitehead,sec.),St.David’s rd. nth
Oldfield Misses,St.Anne’s college(kinderzgarten),Clifton drive sth
Oldfield John Edward, painter & decorator, 16 Wood street
Ormerod Joseph, apartments, 11 East Bank road
Ormrod & Crankshaw (Misses), apartments, 9 Richmond road
Owen Fanny F. (Miss), apartments, 109 South promenade
Oxford House Preparatory Boarding School for Boys (Joseph F. Brindle B.A.Oxon, principal), 85 Clifton drive south
Palmer Emily R. (Miss), apartments, 23 Clifton drive south
Parker James, butcher, 14 St. David's road south
Parkinson Ellen (Mrs.), apartments, 31 St. Andrew's rd. south
Parr William, station master, St. Anne's
Parry Daniel, plasterer & slater, 71 St. Andrew's road north
Parry David Edward, apartments, 27 Clifton drive south
Partington John L.D.S. dental surgeon, Woodhey, St. Anne's road east
Patterson Perey M., L.D.S.Eng. dental surgeon, Bencorrum, Clifton drive south
Pearson John, farmer, Kilnhonse lane
Pearson John, painter & artists’ colorman, 12 West crescent
Pennington John E. superintendent of the St, Anne's fire brigade, St. Andrew's road north
Pennington Thomas Hubert, apartments, 47 Park roadGregson Henry, surveyor to St. Anne’s Urban District Council, Council offices, Clifton drive south
Pettigrew Jannette (Miss), apartments, 13 Wood street
Pickford Albert B. commercial traveller, 44 Lightburne avenue
Pickup Mary & Alice (Misses), apartments, 38 St. Alban’s rd
Pilling Hetty (Miss), apartments, see Law & Pilling Misses
Pilling Mary Isabella (Mrs.), tripe drssr. 10 St. David's rd. sth
Pitt Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 44 Wood street
Plant Mary (Miss), apartments, 9 East Bank road
Pollard Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 41 Park road
Poole Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 13 East Bank road
Porritt & Son, builders, North drive
Porter Thomas M.B., Ch.B. surgeon, 2 Clifton drive south
Pownall Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 8 Victoria road
Preston James, plumber & gasfitter, 15 St. Andrew’s road sth
Price Albert E. comcl. trav. The Priory, St. Anne’s road east
Priesttey Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 19 St. Alban’s road
Pringle Thomas, apartments, 7 All Saints’ road
Private Nursing Home (Miss Wilhelmina Mackie, principal), Nelson house, Victoria road
Procter William Eastwood, nuisance inspector to Urban District Conncil, Council offices
Public Hall (Adams & Co. proprietors), St. George's road
Pye Cecil, cabinet maker, 3a. (back) St. Anne’s road west
Race Annie (Miss), apartments, 21 Clifton drive south
Rainford Annie (Mrs.). apartments, 33 Bromley road
Ramsden H. & M. (Misses), apartments, 47 Orchard road
Rateliffe Harry, painter, see Matthews & Ratcliffe
Ratcliffe Mrs. apartments, 18 St. David's road south
Raweliffe Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 125 South promenade.
Rawson Albert Ernest, tailor, Crescent chambers, St. Andrew's road south
Rawstron Clement & Son, joiners, 9 St. Andrew's road south
Raynor Ernest, news agent & stationer, 24 Orchard road
Read Hannah (Mrs.), apartments, 33 St. Alban’s road
Read Mary (Miss). apartments, see Duckworth & Read (Misses)
Redfern Brothers, butchers, 1 West crescent
Rhodes Geo.butchr.28_& 30 St.Anne’s rd.we.& Alexandria drive
Ribble (The) Steam Laundry Co. Limited; receiving office, 5 Orchard rond
Richardson Ellen (Mrs.), apartments, 35 Clifton drive south
Ridings Josiah, aub-postmaster, news ngent & stationer, 115 St. Alban’s road
Rigby Annie & Mary (Misses). apartments, 37 South promenade
Rigby, Bradshaw & Whitehead, chartered accountants, 34 St. Anne’s road west
Riley Thomas 8. baker & confectioner, 7 Orchard road
Rissley Frederick James, apartments, 27 St. David's road south
Rochdale Children’s Convalescent Home (George Greenwood, master; Thos. Elwyn Kershaw, sec.), 121 St, Andrew's rd.sth
Roffe Emily (Mrs.). costumier, 46 St. Andrew’s road south
Rogers Walter, apartments, 29 St. David's road south
Rogerson Frank, apartments, 27 St. Anne’s road east
Rothwell Charles, apartments, 25 St. David's read south
Rothwell Emmanuel, butcher, 2 St. Andrew's road south
Rowan Edgar Johnson, apartments, St. Andrew’a road sonth
Rowbottom George, apartments, 35 Park road
Rushfirth Edgar Williams, builder, Lime grove
Russell & Co. electrical engineers, 18 St. Andrew's road south
Russell Frank, plumber, 53 St. Andrew's road south
Rydings & Bromley (Misses), confectioners, St. Alban's road
Sacré Walter Jobn, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, Ravens court, Clifton drive south
Sagar Susannah (Mrs.), baker & confr. St. David's road south
St. Anne's District Club (Frank Edward Springs, sec.), St. George's road
St, Anne’s Express (Spring Brothers, publishers; pablished wednesday & friday), 42 St. Anne’s road west
St. Anne’a & The Fylde District Steam Laundry (Thomas L. Milne, Proprietor)
St. Anne's Gas Co. (William H. Nutter, sec. & manager), The Pier; show rooms, 8 Orchard rd.; works, St. David's rd. nth
St. Anne's Hotel (Leonard Seed, manager), St. Anne's road west. T N 313
St. Anne’s Institute (John E. Rigby, sec.), St. George's road
St. Anne’s Land & Building Co. Limited (William H. Nutter, managing director & see.}, The Pler
St. Anne’s Liberal Club Limited (Richard Hoyle, sec.), St. Andrew's read south
8t. Anne’s Parish Rooms (Rt. H. Irving, sec.),Headroomgate rd
8t. Anne’s Police Station(Wm.Lennie,sergt.),St.Andrew's rd.nth
St. Anne’s Printing Co. Limited, printers & publishors, Park road & booksellers & stationers, 34 St. Anne's road west
St. Anne’s Rubber Co, rubber goods dealers, 19 North crescent
St. Anne’s Tennis Club, St. George's ruad
St. Anne’s Urban District Council Electricity Works (James Herbert Clothier, electrical engineer), St. David's road north
Sanderson Thomas, apartments, 32 St. Andrew's road south
Saxonholme Boarding & Day School for Girls (The Misses Ashburburner principals), South promenade
Schtaptfer Margaret Louise & Anita (Misses), apartments, Lindau St. Thomas's road
Schofield James, apartments, 37 St. Alban’s road
Seed Richard & Co. Limited, beer bottlers & mineral water manufacturers. TN 313
Seed Leonard, manager St. Anne’s hotel, St. Anne’s road west
Seel Thomas, apartments, 40 St. David’s road south
Sellers & Lord, apartments, 23 Clifton drive south
Shackleton Isabella (Mrs.), milliner, see Bousfield & Shackleton
Sharp Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 23 St. Andrew's rd. north
Sharp John Henry, builder, 2 Caryi road
Sharp Walter, architect, 17 York road
Shaw E. & M. confectioners, 62 St. Annes road west
Shaw & Whitehouse Misses, apartments 23 Orchard rd
Sheard Alfred, house decorator, 58 St Alban's road
Sheffield Willlam, boot & shoe maker, 23 St. Andrew's rd. sth
Shepherd A. A. & Co. drapers, 10 Alexandria drive
Shepherd James & Son, builders, 13 Park road
Shields O. Limited, fishmongers, 18 North crescent & 16 Orchard road & fruiterers, 44 St. Anne's road west
Siddle Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 30 St David’s road south
Simm James, apartments, 49 Orchard road
Simpson Benjamin, confectioner, see Hobson & Simpson
Simpson Richard, Prudential insurance agent 28 Church road
Singleton John, butchers 8 Church road
Singleton Matilda (Mrs.), draper, 117 St. Alban’s road
Sinkinson & Wardle Misses, apartments 19 Richmond rood
Smith & Fergusson, drapers, 103 St. alban’s road
Smith W. H. & Son, news agents &c. Railway station
Smith Amelia (Mrs.), apartments, see Whittaker & Smith
Smith John, grocer, 97 Clifton street
Smith Minnie (Mrs,), apartments, 11 Wood street
Snelgrove James, apartments, 6 Hornby road
South Down Hydropathic Establishment (Misses Whiitehead, proprietress), South promenade. T N 187
Speak Harry, boot & shoe dealer, 4 Park road
Spicer Henry Austin, cabinet maker, 3 Alexandria dri
Spring Brothers, printers & stationers, & proprietors of the “St. Anne’s Express," 49 St. Anne's road west
Sprace Annie (Miss), apartments, 24 Park road
Staley Herbert McLean M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. physician & surgeon, The Woodlands, St. Anne’s road east
Staley John Christopher George L.BR.C.Irel  8 Andrew's road south
Stansfield Nellie (Miss), apartments, see Ashworth & Stansfield
Stead & Simpson Limited, boot & shoe makers, 50 & 52 St Annes rd west
Stead Clifford, watch maker & jeweller, 9 Orchard rd
Steeden Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, Tingwick villa St. Alban's rd
Steeden Frederick, builders merchants, St. Albans road
Steele J. & Co. grocers & wine & spirit dlrs. 19 Alexandria drive
Steele Grave Irving, chemist, 11 Alexandria drive
Sterling Alexander, apartments, 74 St. andrews rd south
Sterndale Misses apartments, 5 Richmond road
Stevenson Annie (Miss), apartments, 37 Clifton drive south
Stork Fred, french polisher Park road
Stott Jacob, fruiteretr, 11 West crescent
Strange Mary (Miss), private nursing home, 17 Fairhaven road
Studd Clara (Mrs.), apartments. St. Andrew's road south
Summersgill Mary (Miss), apartments, 7 East Bank road
Sutcliffe Charles Booth (Mrs.), apartments, 54 8t.David’s rd. sth
Sutcliffe John, builder & contractor, Alexandria drive
Sutcliffe Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 14 St. Anne’s road west
Sutton William & Co. furniture dirs. 25 St. Andrew's road sth
Swedish Gymnasium (The Misses Florence Watson & Fruken Alma Jonsson, principals), Garden street
Swindleburst James, boot & shoe maker, 23 Park road
Sykes Robert, greengrocer, 37 Church road
Tarbuck Alfred B. dealer in antiquities, 9 Park road
Tattersall C. joiner & builder, Park road
Tattersall Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 46 Orchard road
Tattersall George, apartments. 51 Park road
Tavaré Misses, apartments, 33 Fairhaven road
Taylor William & Co. grocers, 58 St. Anne’s road west
Taylor Alice (Miss), apartments 37 St. Andrew's road south
Taylor Edwin, grocer, 86 Chureh road
Taslor Ellen (Mrs.), apartments, 36 Wood atrect
Taylor James Robert. costumier & ladies’ tailor, 6, 8 & 10 Gardon stroct
Taylor Joe H. chemist & druggist, 13 St. Anne's road west
Taylor Margaret L. (Miss), draper & stationer, Post office, Alexandria drive
Taylor Minnic (Miss), apartments, 42 Lightburne avenue
Taylor Susanah M. (Mrs.), apartments, 43 Wood street
Taylor Valentine Birch, apartments, 44 St. Andrew's rd. south
Technical Schoo! (for names of teachers, see p. 940), Clifton drive south
Thomas George, cab & car proprietor, 12 Clifton streat
Thompson & Sons, outfitters, 60 St. Anne's road west
Thompson Basil M.A. privato school for boys, Sandy Knoll, North promenade
Thompson George, tallor & outfitter, 24 North crescent
Thompsen Leah (Mrs), apartments, 39 South promenade
Thompson William Henry, watch maker. 29 St. Anne’s rd. west
Thorpe E & C (Misse), apartments, 30 Derbe road
Thursby Convalescen home for children (Miss J. Turner, matron, North drive
Tiplady Walter, grocer & fruiterer, 6 St. David's
Tipping Thomas William, tailor, 17 St. Anne’s road west
Tomlinson J. & W. coal merchants, Station yard
Tongue Edith & Tamina (Misses), milliners, 84 Church rd
Tootell Gertrude (Miss), confectioner, 18 St Annes road west
Towler Percy, saddler, 12 Park road
Tradesmen Association (James Bowman, hon. sec.), 42 St. Anne’s road west
Trethewey William, stationer, 15 North crescent
Trickett Arthur, boot maker, 21 North crescent
Truscott James (Mrs.), apartments, 4 St. Alban’s road
Truscott James, shopkeeper, 4 St. Alban’s road
Tunnicliffe Hannah & Mary (Misses), aparts. 41 South prmnde
Turner & Brown Limited, concrete flag mfrs. Clifton drive nth
Tyson H. & H. (Misses), apartments, 71 Orchard road
Ulyeat S. M. (Miss), apartments, 60 Lightburne avenue
Union Bank of Manchester Limited (branch) (Benjamin Brooke, manager), open daily 9.30 to 3; sat. 9 to 12.30, St. Anne’s road west: draw on Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. London
Unsworth Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 108 Church road
Unwin Walter, apartments, 40 St. Alban’s road
Veevers Annie (Miss), dress maker, 3a, Orchard road
Violet Misses, apartments, 31 St. David's road north
Visitor The (St. Anne’s Printing Co. Limited, proprietors & publishers), Park road
Wade Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 57 St. Andrew's road south
Wade Frank, grocer, 48 St. Anne’s road west
Wade Walter, architect & surveyor, Bank chambers, Park road
Waite George, confectioner, 29 North crescent
Walker John, hair dresser & stationer, 16 Alexandria drive
Walmsley & Son, drapers, 56 St. Anne's rd. west & 1 Park rd
Walmsley Edward, builder & contrctr. 35 St. Andrew’s rd. nth
Walsh Annie (Miss) A.L.C.M. teacher of music, 17 St. Andrew's road south
Walsh Mrs. apartments, 5 All Saints’ road
Walsh Reuben (Mrs.), apartments, 17 St, Andrew's road south
Walton William Thomas, ironmonger, 1 Alexandra road east
Warburton & Son, coal merchants, St. George's road
Warburton John, coal merchant &c. 48 St, Andrew's road sth
Ward Leonard Wallwork L.D.8.Manchester, dental surgeon, 13 Clifton drive south
Wardle Kate (Miss), apartments, see Sinkinson & Wardle
Warren Thomas, coal & coke merchant, 97 St. Andrew's rd.nth
Watts’ Drug Stores, chemists &c. 11 St. David's road south
Watts Miss, apartments, 17 Derbe road
Webb Henry William, apartments, 45 South promenade
Webster Sara (Miss), ladies’ hair dresser, City Bank chambers, St. Anne’s road west
Wedge Misses, apartments, 3 South promenade
Wentworth House Day & Boarding School for Ladies (Miss S.E. Lowe, principal), 19 Fairhaven road
Whalley Charles, apartments, 52 Lightburne avenue
Whewell Shepherd, draper, 93 St. Anne’s road west
White Jessie (Mrs.), apartments, 19 Clifton drive north
Whitehead Misses, Southdown hydro, South promenade. TN 187
Whitehead Samuel, chartered accountant, see Rigby, Bradshaw & Whitehead
Whitehouse Selina (Miss), apartments, see Shaw & Whitehouse
Whiteside Thomas & Sons Ltd. carriage proprs. 10 Park road
Whiteside John, apartments, 30 St. Andrew’s road south
Whiteside John, builder & joiner, Westby ho, St, Anne’s rd. east
Whiteside John, farmer, Heyhouses lane
Whiteside Joseph, farmer, Division lane
Whiteside Thomes, wheelwright, St. Alban’s road
Whittaker & Smith, apartments, 107 South proenemads
Whittaker Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 75 St, Alban’s road
Whittaker Robert, apartments, 8 Wood street
Whittingham William, solicitor, Wood Street chmbrs. Wood st
Whittle Peter, window cleaner, 31 Church road
Whitworth James, apartments, 50 Wood street
Whrte Craig. ladies’ tailor. 7 Garden street
Wigan Coal & Iron Co. Ltd. (H. T. Hilton, agent),Station yard
Wilcock James, apartments, 54 Lightburne avenue
Wild Anna (Miss), apartments, 19 Park road
Wilford Mary Ann i apartments, 3 Fairhaven road
Wilkinson Dorothy (Miss), apartments, 99 St. Alban's foad
Williams Alfred, apartments, 53 Lichtburne avenue
Williams Edward George, draper, 7 Alexandria drive
Williamson Emma (Mrs.), apartments. 31 Derbe road
Williameon Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 21 St. Alban’s road
Wilson Samuel, builder & ironmonger, St. Andrew's road south
Winstanley Albert, architect, 35 St. Andrew's road south
Wolstenholme Alice (Mrs.), apartments, 50 St. Alban’s road
Wood George W. grocer, 20 Park road
Wood James M.R.C.S.Eng. surgeon, St. Ann's road east
Wood John, apartments, 8 Lightburne avenue
Wood Marie (Mrs.), milliner, 2 Park Rd
Woodall Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 24 St. Andrews rd south
Woodcock & Sons, solicitors, 8a. Orchard road
Worden Alban V. stationer, Whitehall place, Park road
Worsley Thomas, land & estate agent, The Rockery, St. Andrew’s road south
Worsley Thomas Richard, boot maker, 28 Nelson street
Worthington & Co. boot & shoe mas. 22 St. Anne’s road west
Wright Annie (Miss), apartments, see Furness & Wright
Wright Edwin, apartments, 26 Wood street
Wright Henry Ernest Purdon L.B.C.S.Irel., L.R.C.P.Edin. surgeon, 31 Riley avenue
Wright Robert, apartments, 20 St. Andrew's road south
Wrigley Mabel, Lucy & Jessie (Misses), 70 Clifton drive south

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