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Kelly 1913 - Lytham - Private residents

Adcock Mrs. 10 Talbot terrace
Adderley Harry E, 24 Park road
Ainscow Adam, 140 Warton street
Ainsworth John Kenneth, 15 Clifton drive
Allen Miss, Thurmaston ho. Station sq
Almond Mrs. 31 Cleveland road
Almond William Henry, 16 West beach
Anderson Mrs. 18 Cleveland road
Anderton George, 5 Seafield road
Arminson Mrs. 7 Agnew street
Ashcroft Hurry T. 10 Willows avenue
Ashcroft Mrs. 5 Cecil street
Ashton Harold, 4 Park avenue
Asburst Mrs. William, 72 Westby street
Ashworth William H. 126 Warton street
Aspden William Edward, 6 Park avenue
Bagot William, 7 Cecil street
Baines John, 52 East beach
Barker Anthony, 80 Park road
Barker John, 13 Seaticld road
Barker Thomas Vipond, 47 East beach
Barker William, 78 Warton street
Barlow George, 14 Church road
Barlow George, 5 Dicconson terrace
Barlow Herbert Pollard, 3 Hastings place
Barnes Kichard, 28 Westby street
Barrie Frederick Henry, 24 Riversleigh av
Barton William, 17 Eden avenue
Batey Miss, 34 Cecil street
Batho Mrs. 2 Eden avenue, Church road
Batho Percy W. 25 Clifton drive
Bebbington Ernest H. 32 Warton street
Beesley James J. 26 Park road
Bennett Arthur, Ferndale, Preston road
Birtwistle Mrs, 123 Warton street
Blore Arthur W. 22 Norfolk road
Boocock Alfred, 79 Warton street
Boothroyd Mrs. 91 Warton strect
Boothroyd Walker, 29 Cleveland road
Bouch J., M.A.Oxon. Seafield house, West beach
Bradshaw Frank, 4 Riversleigh avenue
Bramham Mrs. 34 Warton street
Brennan Rev. Mary (superior), Convent of the Most Holy Cross & Passion, 31 East beach
Brewer Miss, 17 Cleveland road
Brierley Miss, 12a, West beach
Briers John, 34 Cleveland road
Briggs Mrs., 21 West Bank avenue
Brindle Thomas, 82 Park road
Broadbent Frederic Wm., 4 Eden avenue
Broadbent Miss, 21 Riversleigh avenue
Brookes Alfred, 39 Cecil street
Brookshaw Edwin, 12 Eden avenue
Brown Albert, 1 Beach street
Brown Misses, Bodminville, Central beach
Brewn William Christopher, 5 Clifton st
Brunt Richard Parker, 10 Elms avenue
Bryce-Smith Norgrave Jas. 9 Lowther ter
Buckley John T. 36 Cleveland road
Buckley Joseph H. 88 Warton street
Bugler Richard William, 2 Etms avenue
Burrows Mrs. Stephen, 15 Eden avenue
Burrows William, 18 Willows avenue
Butterfield Fred, 21 Cleveland road
Carroll Mrs, Wood Barton, Hastings place
Carse James A. 20 Norfolk road
Carswell Misses, 20 Park road
Carus Alexander Hubert, 14 West beach
Catlow Mrs. 11 Eden avenne
Catlow Mrs. The Serpentine, Serpentine walk, Station square
Challinor William Robert, 3 Clifton drive
Challoner Charles, 10 Church road
Chapman Miss, 2 Mythop road
Charles Mrs. 19 Westby street
Cheetham Alfred, 43 Cleveland road
Clare Joseph J.P. 8 Fairlawn road
Clegg George, 13 Riversleigh avenue
Cleg Miss, 1 Upper Westby street
Clifton John Talbot, Lytham hall
Clinton Mrs. 20 East beach
Cockshutt Joseph, 32 Cecil street
Collier Frank Ernest, Rocklands, Blackpool road
Coilins James, 92 Warton street
Collins Thomas, 7 Riversleigh avenue
Collinson James A. 122 Warton street
Constance Rev. John (Cong.),1 Norfolk rd
Constantine Mrs, 25 Cleveland road
Cookson Joln, 43 Church road
Cookson Robert, 94 Westby strect
Coope Miss, 9 Eden avenue
Cooper Alfred Noel, 15 Agnew street
Cooper Joseph. Sunnyside, Station square
Cooper Miss, 4 Cambridge road
Corner Miss, 24 Church road
Costeker Chas. The Willows, Clifton drive
Cottam Mrs. 5 Elms avenue
Coupe Mrs. 26 East beach
Crabtree John, 27 Riversleigh avenue
Crawshaw Mrs. 84 Park road
Crewdson Joseph Henry, 20 Willows avenue
Crighton Mrs, 9 Cambridge road
Crompton Perey Mason, 5 Eden avenue
Cronshaw James, 117 Warton street
Crood Miss, 30 Westby street
Crook John, 23 East beach
Cubbin Ernest, 7 St. John street
Cubbin Thomas, 97 Warton street
Cunliffe Walter, Albany house, Station sq
Daniell Walter Mantel, 33 East beach
Daniels Charles W. 107 Warton street
Davies Llewelyn, 22 Park road
Davies Miss, 46 East beach
Dawson Harry, 28 Henry street
Dean Alfred, 41 Cleveland road
Dearden Fergus, Fernholme, Mythop av
Dearden Waddington, 14 West Bank avenue
Dent Matthew Willan, 5 West Bank avenue
Derhain James Alfred, 125 Warton street
Dilworth Thomas, 70 Park road
Dinsley William Henry, 119 Warton street
Dixon H. C, 18 Riversleigh avenue
Dixon Harry, 11 Riversielgh avenue
Duckworth Benjamin, 18 Mythop road
Duckworth Mrs. 15 West Bank avenue
Duerden Miss, 8 Stanley road
Dugdale Fred, 9 Elms avenue
Earnshaw John Alfred, 40 East beach
Earnshaw William Scott, 9 Clifton drive
Eason Alexander M, 12 Park street
Eastwood Henry, 10 Park avenue
Eccles William, West bank, Clifton drive
Eckersley Benjamin Lees, 1 Cambridge rd
Edmondson Mrs. 30 Cecil street
Ellershaw Miss, 20 Mythop road
Ellis James Hartley, 22 West Bank avenue
Ellison Abraham, 9 Riversleigh avenue
Ellison William, 3 Preston road
Elton James, 20 Elms avenue
Embley Walter, 44 Warton street
Entwistle Henderson, 3 Park avenue
Entwistle William Thomas, 12 Park avenue
Exley Miss, 50 Westby street
Fair John Talbot, The Nook, Clifton drive
Falconer Francis, 24 West Bank avenue
Fawcett Mrs. 5 Upper Westby street
Fearnhead Thomas M.R.C.S.Eng.,L.R.C.P. Lond. 1 West beach
Fergusson William, 34 Park road
Fielden Walter, 56 Park road
Finnighan James, Rings house, Norfolk rd
Fisher John Cecil M.A., M.B, 27 Cecil st
Fletcher Mrs, 2 Willows avenue
Foley James R. 40 Warton street
Ford Charles Percy, 7 Clifton drive
Foster Henry, 15 Cecil street
Fox Mrs. 39 East beach
Fox Thomas, 16 Park road
Fraser Gilbert, 8 Eden avenue
Friedenthel Mrs. 111 Warton street
Garlick Edward, 63 Warton street
Garlick Mrs. 2 Norfolk road
Gask Sydney, Thorndene, Station square
Gaythorpe Richard, 28 Cecil street
Geddes Chas, Alexander, 14 Cambridge rd
George Mrs. 1 Preston road
Gilbertson-Pritchard Rev. John B.A. (vicar of St. John's), St. John’s vicarage, East beach
Gillett Reginald, 10 Central beach
Gledhill Mrs. 60 Park road
Gledhill Walter, 16 Mythop road
Glover Jolin W. 76 Warton street
Godwin Harry, 54 East beach
Goodbrand Miss, 26 Cleveland road
Gordon Miss, 6 Lowther terrace
Greaves Rev. George (Catholic), The Rectory, Clifton street
Green William, 121 Warton street
Greenwood Miss, 36 Park road
Greenwood William, 1 Eden avenue
Grey Harry D. 10 West Bank avenue
Grey Mrs. 10 West Bank avenue
Grigg Arthur William, 32 Cleveland road
Grimble Thomas C. 128 Warton street
Grimshaw Eli, Clevedon, Cambridge road
Grimshaw George William, 32 East beach
Grimshaw John, 23 Agnew street
Grimshaw Wilfred, 18 Park road
Grove Rev. Percy R., B.D, (curate of St. John’s), 42 East beach
Hack Rev. Geo. (Wesleyan), 6 Elms aven
Hadfield George. 26 West Bank avenue
Hadfield Mrs. 74 Warton street
Hale Arthur, 3 Norfolk road
Hale James Alfred, 32 Willows avenue
Hall Arthur John, 21 Agnew street
Hall William John, 18 Church road
Hallatt Arthur, 13 Warton street
Halliwell Arthur, 39 Cleveland road
Halliwell Peter Tyerer, Park side, Blackpool road
Halstead Mrs. 11 Cambridge road
Hamer Miss, 137 Warton street
Hamer Mrs. 3 Stanley road
Hamilton William, 43 Victoria street
Hardman Charles, 10 Beach street
Hargreaves Ernest, Tycross, Church road
Hargreaves Geo.Herbt. 12a, Central beach
Harlow Chariton, 88 Park road
Harris Samuel H. 62 Park road
Harrison Frederick, 17 Agnew street
Harrison George, 17 Riversleigh avenue
Harrison John, 8 Willows avenue
Harrison William, 4 Stanley road
Hart Herbert William, 6 Cambridge road
Harwood Mrs. 50 East beach
Hassall John, 98 Westby street
Hawkins Rev. Canon Henry B., M.A. (vicar of St. Cuthbert’s, & surrogate), The Vicarage, Church road
Haworth John, 8 Elms avenue
Haworth Miss, 5 Mythop road
Haworth Mrs, 94 Park road
Hayes Mrs, 3 Cambridge road
Heald Mrs. 11 Station road
Heap Mrs. 14 Beach street
Heap William, 4 Cecil street
Heath William, 66 Westby street
Hebdon Mrs. 23 Clifton drive
Henderson Mrs. 22 Cecil street
Henderson Wiiliam, 23 Riversleigh avenue
Hepburn William Archibald, 13 Elms av
Hesketh William, 4 Willows avenue
Hewitt Mrs. 78 Park road
Heyes Thomas, Middle lees, Norfolk road
Hinchliffe Mrs, 12 Riversleigh avenue
Hitchcock Mrs. M. L. 14 Riversleigh av
Hockley Thomas, 13 Bannister street
Hodson Rev. James Henry B.D. (Wesleyan), Rhyddington, Clifton drive
Hoghton Thomas, 20 Agnew street
Holden Rev. George (Church of England), Brooklands, Park road
Holden Wm. Fredk. J.P. 45 Cleveland rd
Hollas William, 9 Seafield road
Holt Harold, 3 Fden avenue
Hopwood Miss, 10 Agnew street
Horsfall Robert, 16 Cambridge road
Housley Mrs, 2 Fairlawn road
Howard Charles Alfred, 26 Agnew street
Howard Stephen, 14 Mythop road
Hoyle Mrs. 1 Fairlawn road
Hudson Mrs, 91 East beach
Hughes William, 20 West Bank avenue
Hulton Edward, Riversleigh, Clifton drive
Hyde James, 17 West Bank avenue
Ingham Mrs. 129 Warton street
Ingham Robert H. 6 Woodville terrace
Jackson Hilton Booth, 15 Seafield road
Jackson Miss, 42 Park road
Jackson Miss, 110 Warton street
Jackson Thomas, 18 Elms avenue
Jackson Thomas, 25 Westby street
Jackson William Henry, 30 Park road
Jacson Mrs, 8 West beach
Jepson Mrs. 4 Mythop road
Jillett Mrs. 20 Warton street
Jones Godfrey, 50 Park road
Jones Richard William, 7 Elms avenue
Jones Robert A. 72 Park road
Jones Thomas Henry, 7 Mythop road
Joule Mrs, 94 East beach
Kay Mrs, 37 East beach
Kearney William 8. 99 Warton street
Keates Mrs, 21 Cecil street
Keller Emil, 5 Willows avenue
Kelley George Henry, 12 Elms avenue
Kenney R, Graycote, Park road
Kent Samuel Herbert, 16 Willows avenue
Kenyon Mrs, 40 Cleveland road
Kibble Mrs. 56 Warton street
Kidney Andrew, 45 Cecil street
Kingston George, 8 Westby street
Kirby John H. 36 Warton street
Kirkman Mrs. 16 Agnew street
Knowles Charles J. 148 Warton street
Lambert Edward, 24 Norfolk road
Latham Harry, 98 Warton street
Lawrence John, 86 Warton street
Laxton Miss, 60 Warton street
Layton Rev, Frederick James (Congregational), The Manse, 45 East beach
Leathley Rev. Samuel Arthur M.A. (curate in charge of St. Paul's Mission Church, Commonside, Fairhaven), 2 Park avenue
Leathley Wm, Jn. St. Lesmo, Blackpool rd
Leaver Charles O. 38 Park road
Lee John L. 3 Woodville terrace
Lees Hartley, Westwood, Church road
Lees Miss, 9 Warton street
Leigh Lady, Beamsmoor, Clifton drive
Leigh James, 2 Woodville terrace
Leigh William Adam, District Bank house, Clifton square
Lewis Mrs, 79 Warton street
Lindley David, Lynfield, Church road
Lingard John William, 6 Niversleigh aven
Litchfield Miss, 10 Eden avenue
Livesey Walter, 7 Bannister street
Lomax Henry, 9 West Bank avenue
Lord Misses, 86 Park road
Lord Samuel, 19 Riversleigh avenue
Lowcock Mrs, 1 Elms avenue
Lund Robert, 19 Willows avenue
Macara William, 11 Clifton drive
McKean Thomas Haslam, 19 East beach
Maddison Lionel, 90 Park road
Maden John Henry J.P. 29 Cecil street
Madgavkar Ramchandra Vishnu, 1 Clifton drive
Makinson Mrs, 92 Park road
Mallalieu Mrs. 19 West Bank avenue
Mallinson George BE. 6 Stanley road
Mallinson James EB. 95 Warton street
Margarison Richard, 96 Norfolk road
Marsden Miss, 39 Henry street
Marsh Miss, 1 Stanley road
Martin Henry Thomas, 57 Victoria street
Martin Miss, 29 Church road
Mason Henry, 96 Westby street
Mason Mrs. Mary, 20 Cecil street
Mason Thomas G,’ 16 Riversleigh avenue
Matthews Mrs, 36 Trent street
Mayes Mrs, 46 Warton street
Medcalf Charles, 15 Church road
Meek Mrs. 84 Warton street
Megarity Samuel, 12 West beach
Meller Mrs. 8 Lowther terrace
Mellor Edward Wiiliam J.P. Fairlawn Clifton drive
Mercer John James, 80 Westby street
Meredith Mrs, 9 Cambridge road
Midgley Robert Jopson, 5 Park avenue
Miller David, 14 St. Peter's place
Milligan Wm, M.D., M.Ch.,M.A. 17 Park st
Mills Miss, 114 Warton street
Milne Mrs. 13 Cleveland road
Milns Ernest, 88 Westby street
Mogridge Henry, 24 Agnew street
Moore Joshua, Holcroft, Station square
Moreland Edward, 41 East beach
Morley Mrs. 27 Cleveland road
Morris Fred, 26 Willows avenue
Morrie William Henry, 16 Riversleigh aven
Morton J. M. 27 Rast beach
Morton Miss, 23 East beach
Moss Miss, 80 Warton street
Moss walliam, 6 Norfolk road
Mottram Henry, 12 Mythop road
Muguston John, 1 Seutiela road
Muir Miss, 20 Cleveland road
Murphy Michael, 6 Mythop road
Musgruve Charles, 18 Cecil street
Myers Charles Arthur, 4 Hastings place
Nail Miss, 3 Elms avenue
Naylor Robert, 23 Cecil street
Needhum Mrs, 18 Beach street
Neill Jolin C. 37 Cleveland road
Nelson Thomas, 9 Park avenue
Nickson George H. Red croft, Clifton drive
Nour Talford, 30 Norfolk road
Nobiett Miss, 26 Cecil street
Norbury George, 5 Clifton drive
Nowell Herbert, 7 West beach
Olleranshaw Anthony, 14 Willows avenue
Oram Mrs. 10 Beach street
O'Reilly Very Rev. Dean John V.F.(Catholic), The Rectory, Clifton street
Paimer Miss, 2 Albert street
Parkinson Rev. Frederick M. (Wesleyan Methodist), 10 Seafield road
Parkinson Wilham, 25 Warton street
Patchett Miss, 4 Cleveland road
Pearce Samuel, 19 Seafield road
Pearson John, 22 East beach
Pearson Mrs. 6 Hastings place
Pemberton Henry, 70 Westby street
Pemberton Jn. H. The Warren, Clifton drive
Pemberton Thomas, 79 Clifton street
Perrins George Nuthan,13 Cambridge road
Phillipson William, 8 Cecil street
Phythian Arthur Thomas, 48 East beach
Phythian Misses, 49 East beach
Pickles Thomas, 16 West Bank avenue
Piatt Herbert, 28 Cleveland road
Pochin E, C., M.A.Camb, Seafield house, West beach
Pogson John, 82 Warton street
Poole Charles, 78 Westby street
Poole Richard, 7 Central beach
Poulton Miss, 46 Cleveland road
Prestwich James, County Bank house, Clifton square
Price Arthur James, 14 Park road
Priestley-Sutcliffe Mrs. 8 Agnew street
Raggatt Charles, 3 Fairlawn road
Rea John Marcus Beaumont, 3 West beach
Rainforth Richard, 132 Warton street
Ramsbottom Albert, 6 West Bank avenue
Ramsbottom James, 1 Hastings place
Rawlinson Misses, 47 Clifion street
Rhodes Josiah, The Elms, Ciifton drive
Richards William, 74 Park road
Rigby John Thomas, 6 Cleveland road
Rigg Mrs. Rookeby, Blackpool road
Riley Charles Albert, 7 Eden avenue
Riley Mrs, 12 Norfolk road
Riley Mrs, 100 Warton street
Riley William Henry, 25 Riversleigh aven
Robertson Misses, 11 Preston road
Robinson Kendal, 131 Warton street
Robinson Marshall, 11 Fairlawn road
Rodgers Thomas, 51 East beach
Rogers John Andrew, 24 Cleveland road
Romer Adrian Alfred, 10 Riversleigh av
Rosser Francis Victor John, 11 West beach
Rothwell John Thomas, 183 West Bank av
Rowlands Richd. Hy. 7 Upper Westby st
Rowson Frederick G. 5 Fairlawn road
Rowson William B, 9 Fairlawn road
Rukin Michael, 19 Cecil street
Rushworth William, 76 Park road
Salt Misses, 4 Woodville terrace
Sanderson John, 12 Warton street
Sanderson Walter, 38 Cleveland road
Satchell Ernest, 22 Willows avenue
Schofield Mrs. 66 Warton street
Schofield William, 4 Fairlawn road
Scott Walter, 68 Warton street
Seed Mrs. 16 Cleveland road
Sewell Frank Richmond, 1 Park avenue
Sharp Miss Hannah, 62 Park road
Sharpe Samuel Garland, 22 Cliiton street
Sharples Miss, 3 Upper Westby street
Sharples Nelson, 1 Riversleigh avenue
Shaw Miss, 30 East beach
Shaw Mrs. 135 Warton street
Shearston Mrs. 47 Cleveland road
Shepherd Mrs. 15 Beach street
Sheridan Nichard, 55 Victoria street
Sherman Wm. Elkanah, 21 Clifton drive
Sherratt Henry E, 7 West Bank avenue
Sherratt William, 7 Willows avenue
Singleton John, 48 Warton street
Slater Frank, 1 West Bank avenue
Slater Miss, 24 Cecil street
Slinger Elijah, 48 Park road
Slingsby Thomas Conningsby, 22 Elms rd
Smirk Haward H. 3 Agnew street
Smith Rev. Arthur Frank (curate of St. Cuthbert’s), 6 Cecil street
Smith Alexander, 6 Cecil street
Smith John, 138 Warton street
Smith Joseph Harrison, 14 Elms avenue
Smith Miss, 96 Warton street
Smith Miss, 142 Warton street
Smith Mrs, 127 Warton street
Snell Mrs. $1 Chureh road
Somershill Trygoe, 15 Agnew street
Sparling Rev. Danl. Higham, 84 Westby st
Speak William. 7 Fairlawn road
Spink Frederick Charles, 8 Park avenue
Standley Alfred Pearce, 26 Riversleigh av
Stephenson Miss, 14 Stanley road
Stewart Mrs. The White cot. Central beach
Stockwell Mre. 3 Seafield road
Stones Henry, 8 Riversleigh avenue
Stopford Misses, 11 Park avenne
Stringer John William, 2 West beach
Sumner Mrs. 112 Warton street
Sutcliffe Fred, 6 Eden avenue
Sutcliffe James Wood, 17 Seafield road
Sutcliffe Miss, 11 Stanley road
Swan William, 58 Warton street
Swindley Charles, 41 Warton street
Sykes James, 15 East beach
Tattersall Mrs. 83a, Warton street
Taylor James, 19 Clifton drive
Taylor Mrs. 17 Cecil street
Taylor Mrs. 15 Cleveland road
Taylor Mrs. 76 Westby street
Terry John W. 67 Warton street
Thompson Moses, 16 Stanley road
Thompson Mrs. 3 Lowther terrace
Thompson Mrs. 8 Mythop road
Thompson Mrs. 18 Norfolk road
Thompson Mrs. 9 Stanley road
Thompson Mrs. 12 West Bank avenue
Thompson Mrs. E, W. 11 Elms avenue
Thompson William, 29 East beach
Thorne Scott, 7 Cambridge road
Thornley Mrs. 12 Stanley road
Thorpe Rev, Jas. Furness, 24 Willows av
Thorpe Mrs, 5 Woodville terrace
Tinline John, 28 Willows avenue
Tootell Richard A. 60 Westby street
Turner Joseph William, 9 Central beach
Turner Samuel, 124 Warton street
Unsworth Mrs. 92 Westby street
Utley Chas. Jas. Cookson, 13 Clifton drive
Utley Reginald, 23 West Bank avenue
Vincent Mrs. 49 Victoria street
Walker Benjamin, 28 Norfolk road
Walker Henry W. 94 Warton street
Walker John Adams, Bistree,Cambridge rd
walker Miss, 30 Cleveland road
Walker Mrs. 7 Park avenue
Walker Mrs,.H. 7 Lowther terrace
Wallace James J.P. 1 Lowther terrace
Walmsley Rev. Hy. (Wes.), 2 Stanley rd
Walmsley Miss, 35 Cecil street
Walsh James, 116 Warton street
Walton Mrs. 44 Park road
Ward Edward, Wood lawn, Station square
Ward George Jackson, 5 Stanley road
Ward William, 3 Mythop road
Waterer George, 33 Warton street
Watts Albert, Ash villa, Preston road
Webster Mrs. 40 Westby street
Welch Thomas, 6 Fairlawn road
Westmacott George L. 17 Clifton drive
Whalley John, 6 Agnew street
Whalley Mrs. 10 Stanley road
Wheatley Frank B. 28 Park road
Wheatley Mrs. 7 Preston road
Whewell Shepherd, 1 Mythop road
White Rev. William H, (Church of England), 38 East beach
White Richard, 31 Cecil street
Whitehead James, 4 Elms avenue
Whiteley Mrs. 58 Park road
Whittle Humphrey Norris, 34 East beach
Wilding Mrs. 10 Fairlawn road
Wilkin Richard, 23 Warton street
Wilkinson William, 19 Church road
Wilks Mrs. 118 Warton street
Willis Rev-Thos.(Cong.), 8 West Bank av
Wilson Allon, 113 Warton street
Wilson Arthur F. 42 Warton street
Witson Edward, jun. 11 Cecil street
Wilson Edward. 15 Park street
Wilson Miss, 54 Park road
Windsor Thomas, 22 Agnew street
Winning Frank, 115 Warton street
Winterbottom Alfred, 16 Church road
Wolfe Joseph, 14 Warton street
Wood George William, 12 Chureh road
Woodhead Misses, 13 West Bank avenue
Woods Edward, 7 Stanley road
Woodward Roscoe, 3 Willows avenue
Woodward William, 7 Seafield road
Worrall John, 11 Agnew street
Worthington Mrs. 9 Preston road
Wright Miss, 6 Willows avenue
Yates Peter, Woodville, Woodville terrace

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