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Kelly 1913 - Lytham - Commercial

Early closing day, Wednesday.

Ainscough John, grocer, & apartments, 3 Clifton street
Alty Henry, builders’ merchant, Freckleton street
Anderson William, shrimp dealer, 5 St. John street
Appleyard Edwin & Louise (Miss), apartments, 5 West beach
Ashworth Frank, music dealer, 8 Station road
Ashworth Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 11 Church road
Ashworth Robert, cab proprietor, County & West End stables,Church road. T N 197
Aspden John William, apartments, 8 Bath street
Atha Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 23 Westby street
Atherton John James, hosier & outfitter, 89 Clifton street
Atherton Mary (Miss), milliner, 10 Park street
Bailey & Mason, boot repairers, 42a, Clifton street
Bailey George Henry, apartments, 7 Bath street
Baines Charles, apartments, Overdale, Mythop avenue
Baines Thomas, apartments, 68 Westby street
Baker Henry, apartments, 12 Central beach
Ball William, jobbing gardener, 58 Westby street
Bamber William, apartments, 86 Westby street
Barlow Alice Florence (Miss), apartments, 44 Westby street
Barlow Edwin, commercial traveller, 2 Cleveland road
Barlow George M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. physician & surgeon, 5 Dicconson terrace
Barmby B. (Miss), fancy draper, 52 Clifton street
Barrett John, apartments. 4 Upper Westby street
Barrett John, tailor, 36 Westby street
Bellerby Ernest Randolph, artificial teeth maker, 7 Church road
Bellhouse Josephine (Miss), nursing home, West beach
Bennett Clara (Miss), watch maker, 62 Clifton street
Bertwell Charles W. draper & news agent, 17 Station road
Biggins & Holmes (Misses), apartments, 19 Park street
Birley Samuel & Son, plumbers, 9 Cecil street
Blackpool Industrial Co-operative Society Limited (J. Walsh, manager), 31 Clifton street
Blakeborongh Amy (Miss), apartments, 5 Central beach
Bland Isabella (Mrs.), art needlework repository, 3 Clifton sq
Bland Lydia (Miss), china & glass dealer, 99 Clifton street
Bland William, tobacconist & news agent, 3 Clifton square
Blower Frank Tipping, insurance agent, 74 Westby street
Board of Trade (Unemployment Insurance) Local Office (John Thomas Rigby, local agent), Midland Bank chmbrs.Clifton sq
Board Robert, apartments, 37 Warton street
Boardman James, apartments, 3 Bath street
Boardman Thomas, grocer, 22 Victoria street
Bolton Thomas, apartments, 18 St. Peter's place
Bond John, apartments, 4 St. John street
Bonney Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 5 Warton street
Bonney John, apartments, & shrimp dealer, 81 Clifton street
Bonney John, painter, 4 Bath street
Bonney John Thomas, apartments, 7 Warton street
Bonney Thomas, fruiterer & refreshment rooms, 75 Clifton street
Bonney William Henry, shrimp dealer, 8 Bannister street
Booth E. H. & Co. Limited, grocers, 6 Park street
Bradbury William, tripe dealer, 42 Clifton street
Bradley Arthur, dairyman, 9 Pleasant street
Bradley Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 38 Westby street
Bradley William Horace, dairyman, 8 Henry street
Bradshaw Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 72 Warton street
Bradshaw William S. optician, 13 Warton street
Bramley George Henry, coal agent, 2 Hastings place
Breen & Consterdine (Misses), dress makers, 34a, Clifton street
Bridge John W. apartments, 106 Warton street
Broadbent & Heelis, solicitors, 5 Church road
Broadbent. Frederic William, solicitor (firm, Broadbent & Heelis), 5 Church road
Broadway Ellen Mary (Miss), apartments, 9 Church road
Brooke Harrison. art furniture stores, 50 Clifton street
Broster Mary (Miss). confectioner, 10 Henry street
Broughton Samuel Hull Mus.Bac.Oxon. teacher of music, 3 West Bank avenne
Brown Robert, farm bailiff to J. I. Clifton esq. 5 Westby st
Brown William Christopher L.R.C.P. & S.Edin., L.R.F.P.8,Glas. physician & surgeon, 5 Clifton street
Buckley & Co. coal merchants, Station yard
Burchall Joseph, antique furniture dealer, 7 Clifton street
Burt William, apartments, 16 Hastings place
Butcher James, farmer, North houses, Blackpool road
Butcher Thomas, coal merchant, 48 Clifton street
Butler Anastasia (Miss), shopkeeper, 4 North Clifton street
Butler John, grocer, 1a, Station road
Butterworth & Son, pipe manufacturers, 9a, North Clifton st
Butterworth Mrs. apartments, 31 Freckleton street
Carr Thomas, watch maker, jeweller & optician, 6 Market sq
Cartmell John, Talbot hotel, Clifton street
Cartmell Oliver, decorator & plumber, 64 Clifton street
Cartmell Thomas, grazier, Saltcoats
Cartmell William, builder, 18 Westby street
Cartmell William Joseph, builder, 25 Warton street
Cartwright & Rutherford Misses, nursing home, 2 Riversleigh av
Catholie Cemetery (James Etherington, keeper), Saltcoats
Chadwick James, draper, 37 Clifton street
Challoner Charles, painter & decorator, 13 Queen street
Chambers Mary Ellen (Mrs.), apartments, 33 Church road
Chew & Orrell Misses, refreshment rooms, 18 Market square
Chew John T. grocer, 2 Victoria street
Clarkson Matthew, shrimp dealer, 6 Freckleton street
Clarkson Richard Brown, bntcher, 76 Clifton street
Clifton Arms Hotel (Miss Theresa Sugg, manageress), West beach T N 184
Clifton Estate Timber Yard & Saw Mill (Albert Saul, clerk of works), Freckleton street
Cockshutt Joseph. solicitor, 32 Cecil street
Collinson Ellen (Miss), apartments, 2 Central beach
Collinson Tsabella (Miss), apartments, 12 Hastings place
Collinson Thomas, apartments, 9 Hastings place
Consterdine Alice I. (Miss), dress ma. see Breen & Consterdine
Convent of the Sisters of the Most Holy Cross & Passion (Rev. Mother Mary Brennan, superior), 31 East beach
Cookson Richard & Sons, joiners & undertakers, 13 Church rd
Cookson William & Co. booksellers, circulating library, fancy goods dealers & importers & stationers, 80 Clifton st
Cookson Charles, school attendance officer, 38 Chureh road
Cookson Thomas, butcher, 49 Clifton street
Cookson Walter. tailor & costumier, 2 Park street.
Cookson William, cab proprietor, 24 Henry street
Cooper W. & J. solicitors, Station square
Corless Misses, apartments, 17 East beach
Cornall John, grocer, 29 Warton street
County & Commercial Hotel (Miss Millicent Adams), Church rd
County Constabulary Office (Chas. Lamb, inspectr.), Bannister st
Coupe Mrs. apartments, 16 St. Peter’s place
Cowley Austin, apartments, 10 Hastings place
Crane Arthur, parish clerk of St. Cuthbert’s, 3 Cecil street
Crook John (Mrs.), apartments, 10 West beach
Crockall William, apartments, 21 Warton street
Cross Ellen (Mrs.) (exors. of), fruiterers, 3 Church road
Cross John, boot repairer, 3 Bannister street
Crow Hannah & Jane (Misses), apartments, 8 Church road
Crowther John, confectioner, 70 Clifton street
Crowther William, tailor, 7 Victoria street
Crozier Robert, chemist & druggist & insurance agt. Clifton sq
Crozier Sarah Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 5 Park street
Currin James & Son, boot & shoe makers, 22 Market square
Dagger Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 3 Warton street
Dagger William A. plumber, 1 Birch street
Daniel Samuel, hair dresser & tobacconist, 83 Clifton street
Dawson Florence (Mrs.), apartments, 7 Cleveland road
Dean Herbert, news agent & stationer, 67 Clifton street
De Grey Hugh 8. confectioner & pastrycook, 1 Clifton square
Dick's, boot & shoe makers, 53 Clifton street
Dickinson Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 22 Westby street
Dobie Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 14 Agnew street
Dobson Edward, cab proprietor, 7 Pleasant street
Dodson John, boot maker, Miller street
Delman Ada (Mrs.), apartments, 104 Warton street
Driver Sarah Hannah (Miss), confectioner, 85 Clifton street
Dugdale Arthur, apartments, 13 Beach street
Dugdale Mary Alice (Miss), milliner. see Rhodes & Dugdale
Duxbury Mary (Miss), apartments, 3 Cleveland road
Dyer John Francis, hair dresser, 49a, Clifton street & apartments, 9 Bath street
Eason Alexander Moulsdale L.R.C.P. & L.R.C.S. & L.M.Edin., D.P.H. physician & surceon, & medical officer & public vaccinator Lytham district of Fylde union, 12 Park st. T N 290
Eastham James, apartments, 34 Westby street
Eastwood Walter, photographer, 17 Market square
Eaves John, gardener to the Clifton estate, Saltcoats
Eccles Peter & John, carriers, 5 Bath street
Eccles John, corn & flour dealer, 9 Clifton street
Eccles William, boot repairer, 21 Victoria street & George st
Eccles William, farmer, Hey houses, Blackpool road
Edmondson John, draper & outfitter, Market square
Elliott Isabel (Mrs.), servants’ registry office, 28 Clifton street
Ellis Henry W. draper & hatter, 13 Market square
Elston G. W. cab proprietor, 43 East cliffe
Embley Walter & Son, grocers, & post office, 65 Warton street
Erwin William, insurance agent, 9 Westby street
Fair Thomas & Son, land agents & surveyors (to John T. Clifton esq. Lytham hall); estate offices, Market square
Falconer Francis M.B.,C.M.physician & surgn. 24 West Bank av
Fawcett James, shopkeeper, 7 East cliffe
Fearnhead Thomas M.R.C.5.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. physician & surgeon, 1 West beach
Fell Blizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 3 Talbot terrace
Fell John, grocer, 12 Henry street
Fell Thomas, insurance supt. 16 Westby street
Ferenson Janet (Miss), apartments, 17 Beach street
Firth James Sydney H. inspector of the Lytham Water Works, 27 Westby strect
Fisher John Cecil M.A. & MB, & B.Ch.Oxon., M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. surgeon, sec. of the Lytham Cottage Hospital, admiralty & certifying factory surgeon & medical officer of health to Urban District Council, 27 Cecil street
Fisher William, apartments, 108 Warton street
Float John, confectioner, 9 Henry street
Formby Joseph, confectioner, see Shaw & Formby
Forshaw Daniel, master mariner, 99 Westby street
Forshaw Ellen (Mrs.), apartments, 13 Central beach
Forshaw William, plasterer, 2 North Clifton street
Fox John & James, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 14 Market sq
Fox John, chimney sweeper, 95 Westby street
France Richard Wilson, bazaar, 13 Clifton street
Garlick William Ernest, butcher, 46 Clifton street
Gaskell Hugh, refreshment rooms, 60 Clifton street
Gillett Thomas & John, butchers, 4 Market square
Gillett Thomas & Sons, butchers, 53 Warton street
Gillett John, toy dealer & hair dresser, 2 Queen street
Gillett Margaret (Miss), apartments, 7 Westby street
Gillett Robert, shrimp dealer, 12 Clifton street
Gillett William, apartments, 5 Hastings place
Glass Joseph, auctioneer, 11 Park street
Gledhill Alfred Spencer, architect. Bank chambers, Clifton sq
Goodbrand Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Central beach
Gornall Eleanor (Miss), apartments, 2 Westby street
Gourlay Henry H. chemist & druggist. 1 Church road
Greaves Ellen (Miss), apartments, 35 Westby street
Greaves William, apartments, 6 Bath street
Green Sarah (Miss), apartments, 52 Westby street
Gregson Benjamin, coach builder, North Clifton street
Gregson Richard Philip, photographer, 37 Church road
Gregson William, surveyor, 7 Ashton street
Grey Harry D. solicitor, 10 West Bank avenue
Griffiths William, nurseryman, Mythop road
Grimble Thomas Culy, architect & surveyor, Bank chambers, Clifton street
Grimshaw Teabella (Mrs.), apartments, 4 Queen street
Grimshaw John, apartments, 10 Queen street
Hall W. J. & Co. furniture dealers, 5 Park street
Hall Joseph William, apartments. 21 Church road
Hall Richard, coach builder, North Clifton street
Halliwell Arthur, gas manager to the Urban District Council, 39 Cleveland road
Hallmark J. B. & Sons Limited, ironmongers, 83a, Clifton sq
Hardman & Co. drapers, 65 Clifton street
Hardman James. farmer, Saltcoats
Hargreaves Suzannah (Mrs.), draper, 11 Clifton street
Harper Edward, insurance agent, 7 Wellington street
Harris Orphanage (Preston), Jacson Home (Mrs. K. Jolly, matron), 6 Church road
Harrison Margt. & Emma (Misses), apartments, 13 West beach
Harrison Jane (Mrs.), fruiterer & florist, 72 Clifton street
Harrison Richard, assistant insurance supt, 26 Westby street
Harrison Robert Dales, apartments, 39 Warton street
Harry Henry Truscott, apartments, 2 Upper Westby street
Heathcote Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 30 Warton street
Hedges David & Sons, photographers, 7 Dicconson terrace
Hedges Thomas, architect, Midland Bank chambers, Clifton sq
Heelis Thomas William, solicitor, see Broadbent & Heelis
Henderson William, manager of the London City & Midland Bank & treasurer to the Urban District Council, 6 Clifton sq,
Herd Robert, apartments, 6 West beach
Hibbert Ellis, grocer, 83 Warton street
Higginbottom Edmund, hydropathic establishment, Smediey house, 3 & 5 Riverslcigh av
Higginson Leah (Madame), costumier, 33 Clifton street
Hill James & Son, tailors, 54 Clifton street
Hilton Margaret (Miss), confectioner, 7 Market square
Hindmarch Thos, Forster, chemist & druggist, 15 Clifton st
Hippodrome & Picture Palace (George Kingston, lessee & Manager), Henry street
Hodskinson Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 2 Talbot terrace
Hodskinson Robert, grocer & fruiterer, 4 Westby street
Holden Mary Ellen (Miss), apartments, 2 Agnew street
Holden William Frederick, professor of music, 45 Cleveland rd
Holding Evan, accountant to Urban District Council & assistant overseer, 32 Westby street
Holloway Joseph, apartments, 2 Beach street
Holmes Benjamin, boot maker, 14 Queen street
Holmes Charlotte (Miss), apartments, see Biggins & Holmes
Holmes Eleanor (Mrs.), photographer, 4 Park street
Holmes James, china & glass dealer, 4 Park street
Holmes Jennie (Mrs.), apartments, 11 Hastings place
Holroyd John & Co. Limited, dyers & cleaners, 17 Clifton st
Home for City Children (Thomas Richard Ackroyd, sec.; Mrs. W.+G. Goode, matron), 2 & 4 Warton street
Home of Rest for Working Girls (Sister in charge), 11 Lowther terrace
Home of Sisters of Charity (St. Vincent de Paul) (Miss Mary Gregson, matron), 25 East beach
Hornby Cecily (Miss), apartments, 3 Queen street
Hosker William & Son, grocers, 29 Clifton street
Hosker John, dairyman, 14 Westby street
Hothersall Elizabeth (Miss), grocer, 17 Cambridge road
Houghton William, apartments, 21 Westby street
Howard James Kennedy, apartments, 20 West beach
Howe Samuet Henry, apartments, 6 Ashton street
Hughes Richard, decorator, 3 Station road
Hughes Richard, insurance supt, 33 Cleveland road
Hull Robert, apartments, 13 Hastings place
Hunters The Teamen Limited (James R. Aldred, manager), 63 Clifton street
Illingworth William, boot maker, 24a, Victoria street
Ince Coal & Cannel Co. (John Collinson, agent), Wharf street
Jackson Charles Henry L.D.S. dentist, 27 Park street
Jackson Eli, Grocer, 58 Clifton street
Jackson Titus, hair dresser & tobacconist, 1 Station road
Jackson William Herbert, solicitor, see Riley & Jackson
James George, apartments, 13 Cecil street
Johnson Brothers (Dyers) Limited, dyers & cleaners, Clifton sq
Johnson Christopher, apartments, 49 Henry street
Johnson Edmund, jobbing gardener, 103 Westby street
Johnson Hugh, coal dealer, 17 Warton etreet
Johnson Jane (Miss), apartments, 4 Agnew street
Johnson Robert, builder, 4 Beach street
Jolly Emily (Miss), girls’ school, 6 Cambridge road
Jones Maud (Miss), apartments, 85 Warton street
Jordan J. & E. plumbers & decorators, Market hall
Karmy S. & Sons, oriental goods dealers, The Pier
Kenyon Eliza (Miss), confectioner, 73 Clifton street
Kenyon Oliver, draper, 73a, Clifton street
Kerr Charles Henry, apartments, 54 Westby street
Kerr Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 17 West beach
Kirby Benjamin, baker & shrimp potter & dealer, 6 Henry st
Knowles Albert FE. apartments, 26 Warton street
Knowles Benjamin, confectioner, 77 Clifton street
Knowles Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 62 Westby street
Lamb Charles, inspector of police, Bannister street
Lamb James Pilmour, apartments, 2 Ashton street
Lancashire & Yorkshire & L. & N. W. Railway Companies’ Joint Station (Walter Cartman, station master), Station sq
Lancashire & Yorkshire & London & North Western Railway Co, (Richard Berry, goods agent), Station road
Lang Edward (Mrs.), apartments, 37 Westby street
Lawson Esther Annie & Mary Caroline (Misses), confectioners, 97 Clifton street
Lawson Mary (Miss), china & glass dealer, 71 Clifton street
Lea Walter, commercial traveller, 5 Agnew street
Leathley William John B.A. boys’ schl. St. Lesmo,Blackpool rd
Lee Mrs. apartments, Dock cottage, Preston road
Leigh John, grocer, 55 Warton street
Leigh William Adam, manager of the Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Limited. Clifton square
Life Boat Institution Station (Charles A. Myers, hon, sec.: William G. Parkinson, coxswain), East beach
Lindley David, builder, Lynfield, Church road
Lindley Florence (Mrs.), ladies’ boarding schoo!, Church road
Livesey Ellen A. (Mies), apartments, 18 East beach
Lloyd Thomas, tea & coffee dealer, 28 West cliffe
Lodge Robert, Queen’s hotel, facing sea & promenade, Central beach. T N 139
London City & Midland Bank Ltd. (branch) (Wm. Henderson, manager), open daily 10 to 3; sat. 9.30 to 12.30, 6 Clifton square; draw on head office, 5 Threadneedle st. London BC
Lowe Edward, apartments, 20 Clifton street
Lucas Thomas, confectioner, & refreshment rooms, 2 Church rd
Lytham & Ansdell Taylor-Mills Mutual Self-Help Money Society (A. E, Taylor, sec.), Mid!and Bank chmbrs.Clifton sq
Lytham Conservative Club (John Hynes, sec.), Hastings place
Lytham Cottage Home (Miss S. Holdsworth, housekeeper), 4 Church road
Lytham Cottage Hospital & Convalescent Home (John Cecil Fisher M.A., M.B., B.Ch.Uxon, hon. medical supt. & sec.; Miss Amy Kaye, matron), East beach
Lytham Cricket Club (William A. Leigh, hon. see.), Church rd
Lytham & District Window Cleaning Co. (Mareus Edward Robinson, manager), 5 Station road
Lytiham Estate Office (Thomas Fair & Son, agts.), Market sq
Lytham Gas Works & Ofices (Arthur Halliwell, manager), North Warton street; rate office, Dicconson terrace
Lytham Institute & Library (Allon Wilson, sec.), Clifton st
Lytham Musical Festival (Aton Wilson,hon.sec.), Festival offices
Lytham Pier & Pavilion Co. (1895) Limited (James Henry Harrison, sec, & manager), Central beach
Lytham Printing Co, Limited, stationers, 45 Clifton street
Lytham Ratepayers’ Association (Ernest Milne, sec.), 3 Dicconson terrace
Lytham & St. Anne's Standard Newspaper Co. Ltd. printers (Fred Mayor, manager), 66 Clifton street
Lytham & St. Anne’s Standard (Lytham & St. Anne’s Standard Newspaper Co, Ltd. publishers & proprietors: published fri.), 66 Clifton street
Lytham Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Limited. engineers & ship builders, The Dock
Lytham Times (friday) (Lytham Printing Co. Ltd. publishers & proprietors; Walter Fielden, manager), 45 Clifton street
Lytham Urban District Council Offices (Charles Arthur Myers, clerk), Council offices, Dicconson terrace
Lytham Yaeht Club (G. W. Wood, Len. sec.), Central beach
McDonna Theda Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 23 Cleveland rd
McIlwrick Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 23 Park street
Mackenzie James, fried fish dealer, 11 Henry street
McKenzie John, fishmonger, 74 Clifton street
McLellan David, painter, 83 Westby street
Malley J. & Son, fruiterers & poultry dealers, 68 Clifton street
Matley Joseph, apartments, 9 Queen street
Malley Thomas Stuart, apartments, 17 Westby street
Manchester & County Bank Ltd. (branch) (James Prestwich, manager), open daily 10 to 3, sat. 9.30 to 12.30, Clifton sq.; draw on Union of London & Smiths Bank Ltd. London E C
Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Limited (branch) (William Adam Leigh, manager), open daily 10 to 3, sat. 9.30 to 12.30,Cliften =q.; draw on London office,74 Cornhill EC
Manns Cordelia (Miss), apartments, 1 Ashton street
Maries George, apartments, 59 Warton street
Maries Richard, jobbing gardener, 25 Church road
Marsden Henry Thomas, watch & clock maker, 93 Warton st
Mason Albert Edward, boot repairer, see Bailey & Mason
Mawdsitey Catharine (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Westby street
Mayor Fred, stationer, 11 Queen street
Maypole (The) Dairy Co. Limited, buttermen, 2 Clifton square
Mead T. Seymour & Co. Limited, grocers, 78 Clifton street
Medcalf Edward, beot & shoe maker, 12 Market square
Melling John (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Queen street
Mellor James, apartments, 14 Cleveland road
Mercer Richard, tailor, 10 Clifton street
Mercer Thomas, apartments, 3 Westby street
Miller Benjamin, drill instructor to E Co. 4th Bats. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. 22 Church road
Milligan Wm. M.D., M.Ch, physician & surgeon, 17 Park st
Milns Ernest, fancy draper, 3 Dicconson terrace
Moore Ellen & Margaret (Misses), apartments, 8 Central beach
Moore Jsph. & Sons, ironmngrs. & furniture dirs. 36 Clifton st
Moore Alexander, carter, 47 Warton street
Moore Eaves, shopkeeper, 10 Station road
Morris Joseph, farmer, Eastham
Morton Louis, master mariner, 52 Warton street
Mumford Ernest Holland, costume & blouse specialist, 83 Clifton street
Musgrave Churles, watch maker & jeweller, Park street
Myers Charles Arthur, clerk to the Lytham Urban District Council, Council oftices, Dicconson terrace
Myers Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 10 Westby street
Myers John, builder, 1 Westby street
Myers Robert, apartments, 7 Hastings place
Myerscough J. E. & B. joiners, 28 North Clifton street
New British Rubber Co. Ltd. waterproof goods dirs. 2 Clifton sq
Newman Bessie (Miss), apartments, 11 Central beach
Newsham Charles H. tailor, 33 Westby street
Newsham Lily (Mrs.), dress maker, 13 Westby street
Newton Robert, Railway hotel, Station road
Nicholson Mary Jane (Miss), apartments, 15 Hastings place
Nicholson Ralph, boot maker, 30 Clifton street
Nottingham Thomas, apartments, 23 Church road
Nottingham William, butcher, 6 Station road
Nuttall John A. shipping agent, 45 Clifton street
Nutter Harry, outtitter, 19 Clifton street
Ogden William Arthur, wine & spirit merchant, ale & porter bottler & brewer & mineral water manufacturer, Ship & Royal hotel, Clifton street. T N 186
Orrell Jane (Miss), refreshment rooms, see Chew & Orrell
Oxley John Arthur, fishmonger, 27 East cliffe
Palmer Agnes (Miss), children’s outfitter, 3 Market square
Parker Richard, vaccination officer Lytham district, Fylde union, 22 Cleveland road
Parker Richd. Ratcliffe, hair dresser & tobacconist. 1a Clifton st
Parkinson Alfred, shrimp dealer, 4 Freckleton street
Parkinson Edward, fishmonger, 11 East cliffe
Parkinson John, shrimp dealer, 11 Henry street
Parkinson Nicholas, shrimp dealer, 2 Bannister street
Peachey Ernest William, grocer, 69 Clifton street
Peet John Preston, apartments, 56 Westby street
Pemberton John & Thomas, butchers, 32 Clifton street
Pemberton Mary Ellen (Miss), apartments, 13 Agnew street
Pemberton Reuben, tailor, 34a Clifton street
Pendlebury William & Sons, tailors & outfitters, 61 Clifton street
Pendlebury Agnes (Miss), dress maker, 8 Clifton street
Pendlebury Mary (Miss), apartments, 1 Warton street
Phillipson Annie (Miss), apartments, 16 East beach
Pickering William A. decorator, 17 Cambridge road
Picture Palace (Edward Mooney, manager), Central beach
Poole Charles, private tutor, 75 Westby street
Porter Ellen & Alice | Misses), art needlework repos. 1 Henry st
Powell Ellen (Mrs.), apartments, 21 Park street
Prest Ellen Louisa (Mrs.), baby linen & boot dlr. 35 Clifton st
Prestwich James, manager of the Manchester & County Bank Limited, Clifton square
Price Arthur James C.E. surveyor to Urban District Council, 14 Park road
Public Baths & Assembly Rooms (John William Aspden, manager), Central beach
Public Telephone Call Office, 7 Queen street
Pugh Brothers, cycle dealers, Henry street
Read Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 51 Warton street
Reardon Mrs, Catholic boys’ school, 4 Central beach
Redhead Ernest,collector to Urban District Council,81 Westby st
Redman Mary (Miss), apartments, 8 Beach street
Rhodes & Dugdale, milliners, 4 Clifton square
Rhodes William, pork butcher, 20 Market square
Ribble The Steam Laundry Co. Limited (Henry E. Dixon, manager), Dock road
Richards & Sons, bakers & confectioners, 39 Clifton street
Rigby Jas. Richd. M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgn. 27 Church rd
Rigby John Thomas, income tax collector, & local agent for the Board of Trade Unemployment Fund, Midland Bank chambers, Clifton square
Riley & Jackson, solicitors, 1 Park street
Riley Harry E. solicitor, see Riley & Jackson
Robertshaw Amy & Elizabcth A. (Misses), girls’ home school & kindergarten, Edenfield, Clifton drive
Rogers Harry Earl, apartments, 13 Station road
Rothwell Lucas, carpenter, North Clifton street
Rutherford Florence (Miss), nursing home, see Cartwright & Rutherford
Russell Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 8 Hastings place
Sager John Perey, coal mer. 35 Church road & Station yard
Sager Ruth (Mrs.), apartments, 35 Church road
Sallows Alfred, apartments, 11 Warton street
Sallows Harry, grocer, & post office, 39 Church road
Scott Robert, farmer, Trawl Boat farm, Blackpool road
Seafield School (J. Bouch M.A.Oxon & E. ©. Pochin M.A. Camb. principals), Seafleld house, West beach
Seddon John Kelsall, blacksmith, North Clifton street
Sharpe Samuel Garland L.R.C.3.Edin, physician & surgeon, 22 Clifton street
Shaw & Formby, confectioners, 98 Clifton street
Shaw Mary (Mrs.), draper, 31 Warton street
Sheard Emma (Miss), confectioner, 51 Clifton street
Shepley Bertha (Miss), milliner, 43 Clifton street
Sherratt Henry E. coal merchant, 7 West Bank avenue
Shimwell James Hugh, chemist & druggist, 11 Market square
Ship & Royal Hotel Family & commercial; an ordinary daily at 1.30) (William Arthur Ogden), Clifton street. TN 186
Shuttleworth Robert, blacksmith, 26 North Clifton street
Shuttleworth William, corn & flour dealer & miller, Pleasant st
Simpson & Son, joiners & undertakers, 9 Bannister street
Simpson Harriet (Miss), apartments, 46 Westby street
Sims Perey, chiropodist, 7 Westby street
Singleton James, apartments, 15 Westby street
Singleton Richard, apartments, & insurance agent, 1 Bath st
Singleton William, apartments, 10 Cecil street
Smith Alice & Margaret (Misses), confectioners, 44 Clifton st
Smith W. H. & Son, news agents &c. Railway station
Smith Alfred, stationer, 101 Warton street
Smith Elizabeth (Miss), children’s home, 11 Bannister street
Smith Mrs. apartments, 57 Warton street
Smith Robert, apartments, 38 Warton street
Snalam Henry, butcher, 3 Henry street
Stanway Annie (Miss), tobacconist, 15 Queen street
Stanway Thomas, coach painter, 24 North Clifton street
Stead & Simpson Limited, boot & shoe dealers, 95 Clifton st
Stevenson James, apartments, 10 Bath street
Stirzaker Walter, insurance agent, 35 Warton street
Stockdale Lawrence, cycle dealer, 3 Pleasant street
Stother Joseph, monumental mason, 12 Station road
Stott George, shopkeeper, 23 Victoria street
Stringer John William, draper & silk mercer, Clifton square
Stringfellow Noah, slater & tiler, 31 Henry strect
Stroud Marion (Mrs.), apartments, 9 Talbot terrace
Sumner George Albert, grocer, 42 Victoria street
Swann William Henry, hair dresser & tobacconist, Market hall
Sweetman John Hurst, hair dresser, 23 Market square & apartments, 5 Queen street
Swift Mary (Miss), apartments, The Hermitage, Dicconson ter
Tarbuck Alfred Edward, antique dealer, 9 Market square
Tattersall Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 83a, Warton street
Taylor Brothers, cab proprietors, Shepherd street
Taylor Herbert, boot repairer, 20 Freckleton street
Taylor Joseph, apartments, 12 Agnew street
Territorial Force Battalion (4th) Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (E Co. Capt. H, Niekson; Color-Sergt. Benjamin Miller, drill instructor): head quarters, 22 Church road
Terry Evelyn & Dora (Misses), confectioners, 5 Church road
Tipping Alice (Mrs.), apartments, 7 Station road
Tipping John, confectioner, 23 Clifton street
Tomes Charles Henry, apartments, 39 Henry street
Tomlinson & Sons, builders, 12 Westby street
Tomlinson John, apartments, 9 Station road
Tomlinson William, builder, 1 Talbot terrace
Topping Donald, confectioner, 4 Station road
Torry Elizabeth & Esther (Misses), stationers, 56 Clifton street
Towler Henry, cab proprietor, 22 St. Peter's place
Towler Thomas Henry, carriage proprietor, South Clifton st
Towler William. saddler, 40 Clifton street
Turner Alice (Mrs.), apartments, 11 Beach street
Turner John, greengrocer, 8 Albert street
Turner Joseph, butcher, 24 Clifton street
Urwin Lonisa (Mrs.), apartments, 45 Henry street
Valentine Sarah Ann & Jane (Misses),fancy drprs.21 Market sq
Vickers George, milliner, 25 Clifton street
Wain Elizabeth B. (Mrs.), apartments, 19 Cleveland road
Walker Annie (Miss), apartments, 50 Warton street
Walker John, coal merchant, 82 Westby street & Wharf street
Wallbank Daniel, apartments, 20 Westby street
Walmsley Gertrude Alice (Miss), draper, 41 Clifton street
Walton James, apartments, & carrier, 64 Westby street
Ward Wm. manager of Williams Deacon’s Bank Ltd. Clifton sq
Waring Robert & Sons, tailors, 10 Market square
Waring Robert, registrar of births, marriages & deaths for Lytham sub-district, Fylde union, 17 Church road
Waterer William, gardener & florist, 43 Warton street
Webster Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 27 Warton street
Whatley James & Co. grocers, 8 Market square
Whalley Jane (Miss), apartments, 42 Westby street
Whalley William Henry, baker, 26 Clifton street
Whewell Shepherd, draper, 19 Market square & 41 Church rd
Whiteside Edward. boot & shoe maker, 1 Clifton street
Whiteside James, farmer, South heys, Blackpool road
Whiteside James, grocer, 1 St. John's street
Whiteside Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 87 Clifton street
Whiteside Palmer (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 56 Trent street
Whiteside Richard, apartments, 49 Warton street
Wigan Coal & Iron Co. Ltd. (G. H. Bramley. agent), Wharf st
Wignall Brothers, fishmongers, 38 Clifton street
Wilcock William, apartments, 90 Westby street
Wilcockson John, draper, 21 Clifton street
Wilding George, apartments, 27 Henry street
Wildman Joseph, printer, 7 Henry street
Wilkinson Foulds R. piano tuner, 102 Warton street
Williams Brothers, motor engineers, Henrv street
Williams Deacon's Bank Ltd. (branch) (William Ward, mgr.) Clifton square; draw: on London office, 20 Rirchin lane EC
Willmott Emily (Mrs.), apartments, 9 West beach
Wilson Fanny (Mrs.), apartments, 1 Agnew street
Wilson Edward & Son, auctioneers & house & property agents, 2 Pleasant street. T N 198
Wilson Alfred Edgar, decorator, 15 Station road
Wilson Edward, saddler, 13 North Clifton street & 20 Albert st
Wilson James, fried fish dealer, 43 Trent street
Wilson John, jobbing gardener, 11 Pleasant street
Wilson William, commercial traveller, 16 Elms avenue
Windle Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 33 Victoria street
Wiseman Alfred, tailor, 8 Queen street
Wood Geo. Wm. L.D.S. dental surgn. 12 Church rd. TN 34
Wood Mrs. apartments, 33 Freckleton street
Woodcock Hamer, commercial traveller, 44 Cleveland road
Woolruff Thomas, confectioner, 63a, Clifton street
Woods Joseph W. apartments, 77 Warton street
Worden John, general dealer, 21 Freckleton street
Worsley Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 62 Warton street
Wrigley Robert, musical instrument dealer, 8 Park street
Yates Harold, sanitary inspector to Urban District Council, 5 Cleveland road
Yorston Sarah Helen (Mrs.), boarding house, 4 West beach
Young Women’s Christian Association (Miss A. Wright, hon sec.), Clifton street


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