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Kelly 1913 - Ansdell - Private residents

Adamson Miss, 18 Oxford road
Adshead James, Heatherby, Oxford road
Adshead John William, 23 Kensington rd
Aitchinson Mrs, Rosslyn, Oxford road
Anderson John H. 79 Rossall road
Archer Mra. 28 Woodlands road
Archer Thomas 8. 7 Kensington road
Arnold Kenyon, 5 Milner road
Ascroft Mrs. 2 Common side
Bagley John E. 8 Links view
Baiky James T. 17 Alexandra road
Bamford William A.R.C.O. 2 Prince’s road
Barlow John, 1 Kensington road
Barlow Miss, 123 Roveall road
Barnes John, 2 Bazley road
Barnes Miss, 2 Kensington road
Barnes Mrs. Enderley, Pembroke road
Barwick Miss, 9 Alexandra road
Batho Percy, 13 Stanley road
Batt Mrs. 1 Worsley road
Beard Miss, 8 Rossall road
Beck Mrs. 2 Links view
Beddows Richard, 24 Ansdell road
Berry Stanley, 19 Kensington road
Bibby John, Westcombe, Ansdell road
Birtwistle Mrs. 10 Kensington road
Boardman Mrs, 6 Ansdell road
Bolton Edward, 9 Links view
Bolton Mrs. 17 Rossall road
Bradley Burton, 8 Belmont road
Bradley Joseph, 33 Central drive
Brierley Percy, 3 Milner road
Brookes Richard H. Ansdell road
Brown Miss, 135 Rossall road
Burton Mrs. 3 Alexandra road
Carson William 8S, 28 Alexandra road
Carter Mrs. E. E. 11 Buckingham road
Catterall Alfred Vincent, 2 Ansdell road
Cheetham Miss, 1 Derby road
Chew Stanley, 1 Milner road
Clark Mrs. 16 Kensington road
Classen Mrs, 10 Buckingham road
Clauss Rey. Bruno Geoffrey B.A. (curate in charge of Fairhaven), Fairhaven Ansdell road
Cleaver William E. La Casita, Worsley rd
Clough Thomas, Dalegarth, Milner road
Coats George, 12 Rossall road
Collier Mrs. T. 5 Ansdell road
Cooper Frank B. 5 Alexandra road
Corbastley Francis Edward, 91 Rossall rd
Craig Mrs. 15 Alexandra road
Crossley Mrs. 8 Alexandra road
Crossley Rd.Shaw, The Gables, Worsley rd
Crossley William, 39 Rossall road
Crumpstey Joshua, 3 Rossall road
Davidson John A. 24 Alexandra road
Davies Alfred, 17 Kensington road
Derbyshire Mrs. 6 Kensington road
Drake John, 17 Gordon road
Drew James B. 20 Alexandra road
Drew Samuel, 16 Central drive
Duxbury Samuel, 16 Central drive
Eddevane John, 23 Central drive
Ellis John, 31 Derby road
Entwistle Joseph, 9 Worsley road
Evans Laurence C. 18 Woodlands road
Farr Charles C. 1 Kensington road
Finnigan Arthur D. 3 Kensington road
Fish Misses, 29 Central drive
Fisher John, 7 Kensington road
Fisher Mrs. 1 Rossall road
Fletcher Herbert, 22 Ansdell road
Formby Rey. Robert (Catholic), Presbytery, Woodlands road
Fowler Mrs. 94 Woodlands road
Fraser Hugh, 101 Rossall road
Garnett George, 16 Alexandra road
Gledhill Rev. Morton (Bapt.), 24 Rossall rd
Greenwood Mrs. North villa, Alexandra rd
Gregory Joseph Aifred, 115 Rossall road
Gregson Misses, 11 Rossall road
Haley Alfred C. 15 Rossall road
Hall Albert, Worsley road
Hall Alfred, 7 Rossall road
Halton John, 16 Ansdell road
Harwood Miss, 63 Rossall road
Haslam Miss, 21 Woodlands road
Haworth Herbert, 15 Ansdell road
Hawerth Mrs, 8 Buckingham road
Haworth William, 4 Alexandra road
Hewerdine William Henry, 6 Bazley road
Hiles Charles C. 19 Oxford road
Hipkins William R. 31 Alexandra road
Hodge Edward, 121 Rossail road
Hodson George, 4 Belmont road
Hodson Thomas, 20 Ansdell road
Holden Andrew, 35 Central drive
Holden John, 28 Central drive
Holden Mre, 7 Worsley road
Holding Mrs. 26 Rossall road
Holmes William, 1 Links view
Hope William, 17 Ansdell road
Howell Mrs, 23 Rossall road
Hoyle Joe Irvine, 17 Woodlands road
Hoyle Mrs. 5 Worsley road
Incham Charles, 16 Rossali road
Isherwood Harry, 10 Rossall road
Johnson Joseph, 1 Common side
Jolly Thomas, Carisbrooke, Ansdell road
Jones James E. 1 Prince's road
Jones William H. 10 Belmont road
Judson Bert, 14 Central drive
Kay John, 14 Alexandra road
Keighley George, Redcliffe, Oxford road
Kenron James. 7 Milner road
Kidd Alfred K. 47 Central drive
Kissack Miss, 49 Rossall road
Latham Daniel, 24 Woodlands road
Lawrence Joseph, 32 Rossall road
Lees Mrs. 18 Kensington road
Lin@ey James, 20 Woodlands road
Lochead Mrs. 6 Rossall read
Longshaw John WH. 39 Central drive
Lonsdale John T. 17 Central drive
Lord Miss, 29 Woodlands road
Luke John, 12 Central drive
McLeod Miss, 293 Ansdell road
Mallaliece John, 10 Links view
Marsh Herbert, 22 Woodlands road
Mathews James, 21 Gordon road
Maxwell Mrs. 12 Buckingham road
Millererook Mrs. 14 Ansdell road
Milligan William M.D, 89 Rossall road
Mille Mrs. Westcombe, Ansdell rd. sonth
Milne Mra. Lyneroft, Ansdell road
Moorhouse Jamo, Edenhurst, Ansdell road
Moorhouse Joseph Porritt, 30 Derby road
Morgan Mrs. 26 Ansdell road
Morris Arthur, 20 Kensington road
Morton Edward, 14 Kensington road
Moss John A. 28 Rossall road
Moss William Harrison, 30 Rossall road
Nattrass Charles D, 20 Ansdell road
Newell Samnel, 12 Milner road
Newton William. 9 Woodlands road
Nicholson Mrs. 41 Central drive
Norris James R. W. 25 Rossall road
Ormerod Abraham, 18 Ansdell road
Platt Alfred, 113 Rossall road
Plumb Robert, 27 Alexandra road
Porter James, 23 Ansdell road
Porter John, Woodville, Bazley road
Rainford Mrs. 13 Buckingham road
Ramsbottom Miss, 47 Rossall road
Raneford Charles, 19 Ansdell road
Richardson Mrs, 10 Alexandra road
Richmond Wm. Rangemore, Gorton road
Roberts Miss, 3 Worsley road
Robinson Alex. Curraghboy, Bazley road
Rossell John, 1 Central drive
Royle Stanley A, 31 Central drive
Russell Ernest, 4 Links view
Schofield William, 22 Rossall road
Sefton Misses, 3 Ansdell road
Shaw George, 5 Rossall road
Sherrington James, 45 Rossall road
Shore Mrs. 65 Rossall road
Sudgreaves Walter, 1 Milner road
Simmons Francis Digby, Pembroke road
Simpson J. D. 4 Common side
Smith Harry, 3 Links view
Smith Jesse, 2 Rossall road
Smith Misses, 19 Alexandra road
Smith Mrs, 41 Rossall road
Smithers Mrs, 8 Ansdell road
Spencer Mrs. 11 Kensington road
Spencer William, 21 Central drive
Stanstield Misses, 16 Oxford road
Street Edward, 8 Kensington road
Stuttard Mrs. Strathmore, Milner road
Suddards William, 12 Ansdell road
Surclitte William, 6 Alexandra road
Swarbrick John, 27 Rossall road
Sykes Miss, 22 Woodlands road
Tattersall Arthur A. 10 Bazley road
Taylor Charles E, 6 Ansdell road
Taylor Jabez, King-cote, Worsley road
Thompson James, 19 Central drive
Threapleton Alfred, 9 Rossall road
Tither Mrs. 14 Buckingham road
Townend Alan E, 3 Derby road
Torrance George, 45 Central drive
Turner Thomas, 35 Rossall road
Turner Wm. B. P. 3 Ansdell road south
Walkden Mrs. 4 Derby roud
Walker Frank, 19 Belmont road
Watkinson Alexander, 1 Belmont road
Wearing Mrs. 13 Rossall road
Web Arthur B, 4 Oxford road
Webb Harry, 7 Alexandra road
Wells John W. 15 Woodlands road
Whittaker Christopher George, Winthrop, Ansdell road
Whittaker Mrs. 20 Central drive
Wiggles Fred C 17 Oxford road
Wild John Clark, 43 Rossall road
Wild Mrs, 11 Links view
Wild Mrs. 13 Woodlands road
Wilkinson William, 20 Rossall road
Williams Henry, 13 Prince’s road
Williams Thomas, 15 Kensington road
Wilson Joe, 67 Rossall road
Wilson William, 15 Oxford road
Windebank Mrs. 5 Kensington road
Witter Frederick, 7 Woodlands road
Woodhead Claude, Brandesburton,Bazley rd
Woodhead Mrs. 11 Alexandra road
Woodhead Thomas, 13 Ansdell road
Wright Albert E. 18 Central drive

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